Madeleine McCann: Police To Dig For Evidence

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Book Reviewer
This is none of my business. I have my ideas, but...

One thing though, that whole Podesta thing is very interesting. It's beyond belief.

Maddie will never be found. She's probably dead. Hopefully she is still alive somewhere, but I have my doubts.

All I know is if Karl and Donna had done this to their 'vulnerable' child there would have been hell to pay.

Let it rest. She never gets found dead or alive. That much I know. Too much of a circus making book in the mean time. Parasites.

But those Podesta mugshots?
Laughingly this week, the authorities may have some high tech help then help , the Portuguese Air Force received their three new AW119Ke from Leonardo. Replacing their legacy Alouette III.

One of their roles is SAR lol apart from training , disaster relief et al.

Portuguese Police don’t have any ASUs, they rely on the Air Force which operates AW101 Merlin for long range SAR et al.

Black Man Shoehorns Racism Accusations Into Hunt For Maddie. Chip On Shoulder Blocks Daylight From Three Counties.
Or correct? If Maddie was from a working class, council house family from a black family, guess where mummy and daddy and the kids would be?
Agreed, but the operative words are 'working class'. To make it a race issue is ludicrous.
Too be truthful I got bored reading it, extras rather than OCs?
Summers coming....

Met have asked for a years funding, £300,000, to carry on the search in the sun for Maddie.
The find Maddie fund had an injection of cash recently. Use that, surely?
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