Made to M. Suit + Legal Rights?

Discussion in 'Officers' started by sparky9999, Aug 31, 2006.

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  1. Hi, i had a made-to-measure suit made by london based company and am very unhappy with the quality. Their fabrics are all man-made and i knew this as the time of purchase - but my final suit looks much worst than i thought.. I've already paid a 50% deposite and they are now performing some alterations on it (really didn't fit)..

    Am i legally entitled to a full-refund? Any ideas?

  2. Suggest point to check first is anything on the form you signed as part of any order process. I they advertise on the 'net, do they show such things as terms and conditions. If they belong to any Tilors Guild sort of thing, what are the rules of that guild regarding customer satisfaction. Also local Trading Standards officers. These last are on the net and I've had a lot of help from them in the past.
  3. Ask the CAB. If you knew about the fabric to start with, you haven't got much of a leg to stand on. But you don't have to buy a suit that isn't up to what they said it would be.
  4. Thanks, some good points. I didn't actually sign anything!! First mistake i guess. I've emailed my local trading standards officer and will try to consult them tomorrow..

    If they are not willing to refund my deposite (and if i have no luck through other channels), i'd be tempted to bite the bullet and just forget the £125.. Don't want to waste the same again!
  5. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    This kind of explains things: the bottom line is that you aren't going to get a good 'made to measure' anything - other than shirts - for £250.
  6. Kingandallen FAQ includes this
    Take advantage of that and get it right from the consultation.
  7. You may have redress under Supply of Goods and Services Act 1982. If the suit was not made of materials of reasonable quality or with reasonable care and skill the tailors are in breach of the implied terms of your contract.

    Part of what constitutes "reasonable" is the price as well as any representation about the quality made on the website or by any sales person.

    Possible remedies include:

    Repair or replacement of the suit by the tailors (if cost to them not disproportionate)

    Tailors can offer you a further reduction on price

    Recission of contract - you return suit, they return money

    You can sue them yourself if necessary through the small claims court. Might be worth taking the suit to another tailor for a professional opinion.

  8. You don't have to sign a contract to be bound by it. You may be bound by it if the terms were bought to your attention in some otherway.

    That said, you are a consumer and any terms that diminish your rights under the Sales of Goods Act, Supply of Goods and Services Act and other consumer protection legislation are void.
  9. You should have gone to Combie Brothers (Victoria) and bought four suits off-the-peg for less than £250. They look good and with four of the suckers, they will never look "tired" because you can afford to rotate them. Ideal for "workwear" or messing.

    That having been said, I agree wholeheartedly with cpunk. If you want a good made to measure (i.e. bespoke) suit than you can stick another nought on the £250, just to get into guarenteed decent suit territory.
  10. Off thread - if we're so good at buying suits for ourselves, why are we so cr@p at buying kit for the Army?

    Or to be at bit more positive in the run up to the weekend, what are the secrets of sucessful suit procurement that can be applied to equiping at 21C Army?
  11. £250 suit made to measure? I expect £150 of that is the making of the suit. Doesn't leave much room for quality. (Er, £100 to be precise)! A suit is like a cute little fluffy kitten, it's not just for Christmas, it's for life! Spend £1000 and you should get a £1000 suit. Remember, you get what you pay for.

    P.S. Sorry, that doesn't really answer your question! Argue the toss as a last resort. If you end up losing your deposit you can always insult the tailor! Something along the lines of. "I don't like your suits" should do the damage! :wink:
  12. Good point DandG

    If the suit is completely cr@p and unwearable you should be able to get your deposit back, using the small claims court as a last resort (see post above). If the suit merely looks cheap, you have probably got what you have paid for.
  13. I have to come back to what he said and question 'man-made fabrics'? FFS man! Is this a special sweat suit? Never heard of such a thing!
  14. Not a pleasant experience for you, and you have my sympathy, however you have broken a cardinal rule.

    NEVER buy a suit that is in man made fibre.

    MTM is not really all it is cracked up to be, unless you go for the really respectable firms and at a considerable price (and for similar money you could get hand made bespoke outside London)

    My advice unless you have 3 arms or something is to get a good quality RTW and have a decent tailor work some magic.

    Or save a grand and get a bespoke suit made by a Row trained tailor somewhere outside London (Colemans in Leicester for example)
  15. I'd like to add - I am closer to the missing link than most posters, but I have still been able to get a reasonable suit off the peg. It will never look bespoke, but it isn't bad and looks better than a bad bespoke. All wool as well.