Made the stupidest mistake of my life.

Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by StupidIdiot86, Mar 29, 2010.

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  1. I was caught drink driving a few days back and need help on punishments that may be imposed etc. I am in germany and i know some of you, whom i agree with say you should be kicked out etc, but i need some real advice not the obvious abuse i disserve. The german police werent involved at the scene, no damage to anything or anyone thankfully, and had 2 breathalyser tests. One at scene other in the Station, any legal advice would be useful plus possible punishments that can be administered. I deserve all that i get just want a heads up.
  2. You dont deserve to be kicked out, you deserve a f*cking and a wake up call. The shiny boots and brasso brigade will be along in a minute to clamour for your head on a stick.......

    Suck it up mate, some quality blokes have been caught for the same thing and have squared it away, the ban isnt forever and your employable to someone, somewhere.
  3. Are you in a position of authority (NCO)?
    Does you job spec require you to have a driving licence?
    Is D & D classed as a prevolent offence in your unit?
    What did the last guys get?
  4. F*ckin' Idiot!................but you know that don't you?!

    This really is going to be down to your boss man and whatever current admin instructions are kicking around.

    There's so many variables it's impossible to predict - are you in a highly skilled shortage trade (this might save your neck) or are you in a less expensive to replace or overmanned trade (this could mean it goes badly), What's your track record? Are you a good guy or an admin cluster f*ck? - somebody will undoubtably be on in a moment to rant "justice is blind to such things" - well it ain't! I've seen people punished in vastly different ways, from out on their arses to posted back to uk (because their uk licence was unaffected).

    What's done is done. You're not going to influence the outcome very much (unless you can get off on a technicality) so relax (as much as you can in a situation like this) and face the music.

    Contrition is a bloody good start.
  5. i hope your name is at the top on the mcp list.......... :x
  6. Thought they were the kind of replies i was gonna get, and i deserve it,
    Am in NCO level, not a cluster F**k and never been in trouble before, already been told wont be kicked out for it, and wont lose uk licence, looking like unit administration rather than german police, but no matter what i get like u all say i massively deserve it, i have never felt so ashamed in my life,
  7. Don't kick the shite out of yourself mate, plenty of volunteers in life for that gig.

    Lesson learned, some humility, it'll sort itself out.
  8. at least you sound like your sorry. sounds like your going back to the ranks, i think your promotion will be a long time away. 8O
  9. Mate: most of us have done supremely stupid things and it's not a nice place to be when you're in the sh1t and worried about what'll happen to you. You seem like a decent enough bloke who realises what a fcukwit he's been. Whatever happens, just tell yourself that one day all this will be ten years ago.
  10. 8 year fullscrew, pinch point trade (license essential), caught the morning after still 1/2 over the limit driving into work. Complied fully with the filth, got the standard 12 month ban reduced to 9 on completion of awareness course and £390.00 fine off the nice magistrates.
    CO awarded 12 month rebuke. No brasso or bulling and no silly marching speeds.

    Felt like a cnut for the 9 months but it was a mistake and we just move on. Every fcuker has jumped in the motor the morning after still a bit oiled including the fat prick of a traffic cop, the chinless wonder that gave me the rebuke and the 3 mongaloids sat in the magistrate's court looking down on you like you'd just shat on the wilton. I just got caught. Won't be doing it again though.
  11. Mate, Your user name says you realise what you are and did , whats done's done could be worse and if thats the worse most stupid thing you ever do then you're a better man than many .. take the punishment ...learn from your mistake and thank your lucky stars it only involved you .
  12. Depends on how much over the limit you were, and the circumstances involved.
    Not sure how it works in Germany but in the UK a mandatory 12 month ban with 3 months off for completion of the awareness course. You obviously feel like sh1t and as you say, rightly so. However, once you have been done (both civvy and mil) you need to crack on with your life. Yup, you will get stacks of poo but man up and take it on the chin. There are a lot of people that have been in your shoes and many who but "for the grace of God" would be in them as well. Doesn't make it right in the slightest, but it is a fact. Learn from it, be gratefull you didn't harm anyone and move on.
  13. In all fairness you have been an absolute fool but you already know that. I'm not going to sympathise with you as I spent the first six years of my career taking idiots off the streets who think it is ok to get in their car after a drink. But on that basis, I am in a suitably qualified position to afford you some information.

    You are, to an extent, lucky that you are in Germany. If you were in England you would be dealt with by either civpol or MOD plod, resulting in you facing a criminal record, ban, fine etc. As you are in Germany and have been dealt with (I presume) by RMP, I would suggest your most likely punishment will be a hefty fine (depending on the nature of your CO) and a few driving assessments, and possibly some cheeky ROP's thrown in there for a few weeks. I imagine the punishment may be slightly more severe for yourself if you are an NCO.

    The biggest factor in any subsequent punishment will be the amount by which you were over the limit. The limit is 35mg of alcohol per 100ml of breath. If you were twice over I wouldn't worry TOO much. Anything more than that the punishment should increase. If the car was not yours, you were not insured, you broke speed limits, drove recklessly, caused damage....expect to be raped.

    Either way, it will be your CO that deals with it, and you should not appear in court unless you have somehow caused German involvement (damaged property, drove recklessly around civvies).

    You can not question being over the limit as the machine is completely accurate. It should go in your favour if you cooperated with providing both samples.
  14. Cheers again fot the help. As you say gonna have to man up take it and deal with it, my own car and new, so there me now eating my own apples, didnt argue or anything with RMPs have apologised to all seniors in regiment via letter and email. Hopefully they will get the charges etc written up and just give me the rapping i deserve. Once done, never again and for starters no drinking for a while, help pay the hefty fine i will get.
  15. Hope it gives you the wake up call you need. I'm not too sure what the score is at the moment, good luck though.

    I've always found if you drink enough you're too smashed to even find your car let alone drive the fecker!

    At least no bugger was hurt, good luck with the bollockings!