Made Redundant just before Pension qualification - ePetition

Discussion in 'Armed Forces Redundancy Scheme 2010' started by rabid spaniel, Jul 17, 2012.

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  1. It may have already been done, but I have looked and can't find it.

    Lots of those serving have been made redundant within sight of the IPP, in what strikes me as a callous financial judgement.

    I'm alright (jack), had the sense to bang out 4 years ago, but lots of my friends are within tens of days of IPP and will miss out in what would seem to be financial management over ruling man management.

    The e-petition link: Pension Justice for Troops - e-petitions

    As usual 100,000 signatures gets it debated in the house, although methinks it will take legal action to change anything - if it is possible at all.

    If you don't want to sign, don't - not interested in getting into a pissing match with those who think it's OK to treat people like this.
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  2. Some twat will be along to say dry your eyes princess etc shortly.

    Government love their type seeing them as the mindless idiots who will put people off doing anything about it, instead opting to have something referred to as a stuff upper lip.

    As far as I'm concerned there are very few people in power these days who give a shit about those who they stood on to get where they are. Society is awash with greed and compassion is something Ghandi did years ago.

    You've got my vote. Good luck.
  3. Shameless bump, as I will again. And again.
  4. What about those that are within 13 months of their pension, it's not really fair on them either is it?
  5. bumpity bump.
  6. Wonder what the Lords and M.P.s Pensions are like?
  7. Got,my vote, however there is a slight misconception ref the number of signatures? 100 000 will only get it considered for debate in parliament; no guarantee.
  8. What's interesting is that ORs get a 4 year 'bye' on their immediate pension if made redundant, qualifying at 18yrs vice 22yrs. Officers have been afforded no such 'privilege'. This was something that i raised to the CGS briefing team 18 months ago which was followed up with an email as i was unsatisfied with the patronising response that was given at the time by the SO1...still waiting for a thorough response.

    I know of several officers that have been chopped within 4 months of their IPP.
  9. Just to clarify then, any soldier who has served 18 years, on the day they are made redundant from the Army, will receive an IP.

    Will this be 22years worth or just the time they have served?

    I thought Officers could receive an IP after 16 years from age 21.
  10. Just the time that they've served, you can play about with it on the redundancy calculator. The biggest lump sum you can get is if you leave just before your 18 yr point . After 18 yrs your lump sum reduces as your IP increases.
  11. So actually no one is being disadvantaged.

    I'm outraged at the I'll informed outrage!

    To the OP, shove that pointless petition up your arse.
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  12. & if you can find an equivalent pension for doing only 16 years in civvy strasse, I'd like to hear about it.
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  13. Not quite, a soldier who leaves just before their 18 year point will be a lot worse off. Whilst the redundancy payment is substantial, compared to an average lifespan worth of IP many soldiers will lose a lot of money i.e a six figure sum.
  14. But the soldier wouldnt have qualified anyway, if they hadnt aligned the 05 and 10 redundancy schemes. Otherwise for a soldier on the 75 scheme, there would be no IP for over 4 more years, so they are not losing out but rather not benefitting from the reduced IPP. There is no expectation of receiving a n IP for less than 22 years service if the soldier is on the 75 scheme, in addition the contract he signed acknowledges the years notice to terminate that can be given by either party.

    Remember, this is a money saving exercise which, it would seem, has learned at least one lesson from Optionsn For Change.
  15. Only if they ad served to 22. I think the way they have done it s as fair as can be. Still better off than most civvies who are made redundant. Besides that, anyone with 4 years left to serve would run into the pension 2015 and from what little I understand of it, everyone will move across(no choice like with AFPS 05) and pension points will be 65 not 55.