"Made in Chelsea" - WTF?

I happened upon this article in yesterday's Sunday Telegraph, and must admit that I only half read it, then today decided to look up the E4 website for any information on this Made in Chelsea programme, which I - in my innocence - assumed to be some sort of new 'drama' series involving actors....

....instead, it appears that this thing is supposed to be real. The pictures and brief 'bios' of this lot have to be seen and read to be believed (here and here).

It starts on E4 tonight at 22.15, and God help me I'll probabaly watch it, but will make sure that all sharp and heavy objects are kept out of reach lest I do myself or the television a mischief.
still would each and every one of the women
Watched the first 10 minutes or so and switched over in disgust. Thank god they do not use the same boozers in Chelsea that I do - one of the blokes in it would have lost his too perfect teeth in about 10 seconds flat.

At least some of the totty walking down the Kings Road at the moment is well worth a letch!
Well, I sat through the whole eye-opening shambles, and have to say that I came away from it feeling sorry for the poor deluded souls featured. A greater bunch of self-regarding dullards you'd be hard put to meet. None of them seemed to actually do anything, aside from ill-defined amorphous 'jobs' in PR/Niteclub promotion/fashion. The oversized schoolboy with the Gordon Gecko complex (he and his longhaired friend with the square head were the two twats pretending to be rowers) came across as an utter c*ck, particulary at the beginning where he came out with the immortal 'Business is the new warfare, and I'm a general', which I thought particularly crass.

Aside from being cheap to make and initially popular, I don't know why television companies make these 'reality' shows anymore, as the novelty wore off years ago.

Perhaps things have changed since 'my day', but having spent some time in that part of London, and knowing some people from there, I have to say that the crowd from Made in Chelsea struck me as utterly alien. Real people from there wouldn't be caught dead involving themselves in this sort of b*llocks.

life's too short to sit through crap in order to find out how crap it is.

True, but I felt I couldn't reasonably comment on it unless I did.

That said, I was bored.

And it's good to hate.


War Hero
both this and the only way is Essex are walking advertisements for the repealing of whichever act banned the use of Napalm and WP on civilians
True, but I felt I couldn't reasonably comment on it unless I did.

That said, I was bored.

And it's good to hate.

it's a con.

i bet 80% of the viewers think it's shite but watch it out of the same reasons they read the daily mail. to get wound up.

as long as people watch shite, the channels will continue to produce shite.

it's all scripted anyway.
Me and the wife watched an episode of the Essex one last week because her friend said its hilarious. As it started the voice over says "theses are real people (as opposed to what? Androids?) But the situations have been set up for your entertainment"

What's the point of a reality show that's set up? It wasn't even funny unless a bunch of Orange plastic people talking complete shite rocks your boat.

Mr Happy

My wife - a very smart girl with a penchant for the Daily Mail and Hello Now Magazines - loves the Essex show.

My limited experiences of Chelsea in my youth would lead me to assume that the show has specifically attracted a certain sort of resident, somewhat distant from the norm. Not having seen Essex but I am lead to believe that they did that there.

Still, it is cheap and allows more dosh to be funneled into the breathtakingly excellent new Dr Who series - than I am a fan.
I can assure all readers that these assh*les are not that typical - yes they do exist but most of us normal Chelsea residents do not hang around in those overpriced sh*tholes. There are some reasonable boozers around the area (some rip-off joints as well) and sh*tloads of eateries - ranging from MaccyDs to Gordon Ramsey.
Made in Chelsea, Dont mind people who grafted their way to the top,or even proper titled toffs and royals. But these bunch vapid trustafarians who discahrge verbals through thier exit hole..nah
I'm going to buck the trend and admit it:


It's brilliant TV. It's gorgeous to look at, the set up situations are hilarious in their transparency and some of the creatures on it are bluddy charismatic!

Women, and some men, can whet their appetite on this glorious picture of McVities heir, Jamie Laing! Clever (shh!) funny, rich and with quite the body! What's not to love?

OK, I'm slightly winding you up, but it's always entertaining, whether you love it or hate it!

You can even catch our Laing - naked - on stage, if you fancy it!?

Jamie Laing bares all - see his private parts - you HAVE been warned...


No? Tough crowd.