Maddie's grave found?


Book Reviewer
I hope they dont find her - it would be awful for the mccanns if they had to give up the permanent holiday they've been on since she 'disappeared'.
so this guy spends £40k on scanning kit, is convinced its the gravesite but doesn't get on his belt buckle and check it out himself? I'm assuming he was too busy hunting Bigfoot to actually dig!
Got to love the reliability of paramilitary police forces to not check for the obvious.

It must have fallen outside of the usual investigative flow chart that involves tramps, black people and Roma Gypsies.
I bet they haven't found anything. It's just to make the McCann's break cover. As soon as Gerry picks out a Spear and Jackson Elements spade down at B&Q, the law will be all over him and his Heather Mills look-alike wife like a tramp on chips.