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Maddie found - working as a model

FFS the McCanns Personal admin is gash, first they 'lose' the kid now they can't even get a grip of their phots!
Cue more anquished wailing from the Mersey!
Are the McCanns spittung feathers over this one? Surely they have no reason? They release Maddie's picture all the time. Someone else does it and they winge? Funny they don't winge as much about the way they left her in one building while going to a party in another, 'sans babysitter'! That is after all the root of the problem.

Neither of them have worked full time since and they seem to be doing just fine financially, so is it just a matter of royalties or modelling fees not being paid?

Otherwise I really don't see the problem.
To be honest, these days she'd be lucky to place in a lookalike competition.

Plant-Pilot, neither has worked full-time since the tragic events that spoiled their tapas? Saves on the baby sitting bills I suppose.

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