Maddening tunes you just cant get out of your head!

A member of my team has ruined my nights and days by constantly playing a CD of Tiny Dancers, singing Hannah We Know. Most of the rest of us can't get the damn' tune out of our heads, even when it's not being played.

Can other ARRSErs remember other, maddeningly-hard-to-forget tunes? If so, which ones?

And the things they associate with the memories, too.
There was an awfully good tune broadcast around 10 years ago - in fact at the time of the last general election. I believe the words to it went: "things can only get better"...."things can only get better"....
About 13 years ago when I was first married in Germany we had a BBQ but our stereo had just packed in. Our very nice neighbour at the time was just going out but said that she would put her new stereo for us as it was a new 10 CD cassette at she would put it on Random then shot off leaving her window ajar and music on loud. Unfortunately she hadnt programmed it right and the next 2 hours it repeated 'Saturday Night' over and over again blasting through our neighbourhood. Its ok the first 12 or so times so a vast ammount of alcohol and roudy mates were needed to drown out the music.
Heywood_Jablowme said:
That one by Kylie

I just can't it out of my head,

What was it called?

D'you, it's on the tip of my tongue, how annoying is that?
You're close Heywood; right artiste, wrong song. The song for removing unwanted songs from your head is Kylie Minogue's "I should be so lucky; lucky lucky lucky!"

However users should be warned it works by over-writing all other thought processes.

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