madame tussaud's nativity set-up!!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by growler, Dec 8, 2004.

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  1. Me thinks someone is extracting the urine and not enough people have noticed! :lol:
  2. What an Anti-event!!!

    just a publicity stunt.

    Shows how shallow our nation has become when they want golden balls and the stick wench as mary and joseph!

    agent smith
  3. Clearly miscast. It should have been:

    Tony Bliar - the Dog in the Manger

    Bush43 - the Donkey

    Phil the Greek - Director of Diversity

    TCH - the Pile of Horseshit

    Lord Hutton, Lord Butler and Lord Savile - the Three Wise Men
  4. 3 Wise Men and a Virgin? Where have I heard that before?

    But seriously folks,it requires sound effects
    Hear The Heavenly Host Proclaim"It's A Girl!!!!"

  5. Isn't that what blunktw*at requested for christmas 8O
  6. What about Prescott as the innkeeper

    "We're full Fcuk off" :wink:
  7. LOL

    "And don't think your going in my barn either, my two jags are in there, keep away!"