Mad woman attacks!

Went out to a local farm yesterday evening to clear a few rabbits; place is absolutely overrun with them. Two pals with air rifles and me with my .22. Took about 18 for the pot and thinned out another dozen juveniles. Just packing up when this woman marches up and demands to know what sort of ammunition we're using. Politely reply 'lead' and then get accused of poisoning the rabbits! Apprently she's found a wounded animal (which is obviously very regrettable) and the big issue seems to be that its going to get lead poisoning? Nothing about the obvious problem of having been hit with a 40 grain hollow point or an air rifle slug.

There was no opportunity to explain that I was unlikely to engage a rabbit with an FMJ as she then went off on one screaming and shouting. Don't think she was impressed with my offer to 'look after' the rabbit if she brought it up to us. Spoiled a good evening out and may bugger up a good shoot as she obviously lives nearby.
You should have punched her in the grid, dragged her by her hair into the nearest hedgerow and systematically gang-raped her. Then posted photos on ARRSE for all to see.

The mere fact that you didn't brings your sexuality into question.
Should of to the whinning old trout it was D.U. and if that doesn't work you garrote them with the knickers of murdered prostitutes.
Else tell her to **** off and mind her own business.
Tell her to show you said injured rabbit...blatt it once more for luck! No injured rabbits to be seen, just dead ones...problem solved innit??
Should have offered her a couple of bunnies for her dinner.
She does sound like a bunny boiler.


Joking aside take her pic if she shows up again and report her for aggravated trespass.

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