Mad Tankies

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by Arthur3bums, Mar 21, 2007.

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  1. Hi guys
    Sorry I caused any bad feeling - I can't delete the thread as there are responses but, I've had to delete the original post.
    Many thanks
  2. Do we really have to have this in every forum? I'm sure it's a very interesting book but can't it stay in either RAC or Films and Literature?
  3. Arthur3bums,

    Might well check out your book, looks like a laugh. Shared a camp with 1 RTR for a few years, probably shortened my life by a decade that heady mix of Chieftan diesel exhaust and Avtur from our cabs.

    Notice your location is Merseyside, how come you didn't join the Armoured 'Lars' at 1 RTR?
  4. Long long story and I won't be writing a book on it. In short married a member of the WRAC from Chester then settled up here in Chester. Subsequent divorce and new partner has brought me to Merseyside, never looked back...................well not specifically true, one eye continually over my shoulder for wheel robbers! Originally from Gods country - Devon. God how I miss it.
    Thanks very much for your positive feedback mate.
    ExStab sorry if I've offended!
  5. No offence taken or intended. I'm sure a lot of people, like myself, look for new topics and after opening several with the same content it starts to get a little annoying. Good luck with the book.
  6. BUMP

    Best wishes the book Arthur3bums

    We all need a little bit of Advertising!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Hey Arthur

    Nice to see you are still going strong, have you nothing better to do in your life?

    Gods county was covered in sun today and boy was it nice, just like Medman 4

  8. Don't know about any mad tankies but my old OC at 12 Flt was an ex tankie and was a true gent. For obvious reasons can't name him but he went on to become an Air Accident Investigator at Wallop once he got his crown and pip and I think he has now retired.