Mad Padres

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Mag_to_grid, Aug 14, 2007.

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  1. Are there many of these still about? The one we had in Macedonia disturbed us whilst we were watching porn and thought it was hilarious, later saw him on a CFT with another unit laughing his head off carrying a spade instead of a weapon, sure some people on here will know who I am talking about but what other funny experiences have people got of barking mad Padres?
  2. Was the chap youre on about rather tall?

    The one I'm thinking of had a 'unique' laugh. He'd laugh at anything and everything. I met him in Bos in the mid 90's and later on in NI. Those of us who knew of him would tend to give him a wide berth due to him being odder than the number seven.

    Mad as a box of wasps he was.
  3. Yeah that sounds like him, big gaps in his teeth?!
  4. Yep. Looked like a gangly skinny tall Lurch. I certainly wouldnt let him look after my kids.
  5. We had a Padre C****s in Jnr's (late 80's) he was madder than pain of glass very effin quick over a BFT
  6. No Padre is sane, its part of the job.
  7. I think I know the one you mean, He walked into our farp in Sanski, saw the pictures a nice lady sent us with her placing various objects up her orifaces, and exclaimed "Who is that dirty slag?" told us a joke about a fanny licking frog, had a cuppa and the last of our oatmeal blocks and fcuked off!

    I think he was a Roman Catholic Padre
  8. Mad Padres?

    Ah, yes, know the 'breed' well..

    married one , you see..
  9. Used to know an ex-SAS one. Did the Embassy seige and everything, then converted to God.

    He must have been madder than most, because he topped himself a few years ago. Very sad.
  10. We had a sililar padre but not a shovel but a small wooden cross with all cap badges of units he served with.
    And yes he was as mad as a box of frogs !

  11. Aye big jug lugs he had as well. Had us all in stiches when he called us a bunch of wnakers mind you his lesson was good on a winters day after doing PT 8)
  12. I remember big Dave - huge ears, I used to fall asleep in his lectures safe in the knowledge he wouldn't beast me to lone tree and back.

    Great days..... or maybe not actually.
  13. We had one with us on Granby Fr J** D***y. The CO tried to get him to remove his collar dogs with the crosses on them and he refused, saying that he was wearing them on higher authority than HQ BFME!
  14. mysteron

    mysteron LE Book Reviewer

    I once served with a padre who performed an exorcism on a BATUS OPFOR Salamander because it broke down once too often for his taste......

    I know you won't belive it - but it worked because it didn't conk out again for the rest of the season (6 weeks!!!!!). He also roused out the communion wine when we ran out of beer one night - great bloke. :)
  15. Frank Collins. Took his own life following a long battle against a depressive illness. A great tragedy.