Mad MAX Harper

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by pol76, Jul 3, 2006.

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  1. I am looking for a members who are still in the corp that remember two chareters from 9regt
    Max Harper and Sean Gettings

    MAX served with 7 flt berlin,1 regt and finaly 9 regt was in corp between 1989 to 1995 he was the one that got bust for beating up an officer whilst on secondment to the EEC acting as bodyguard for Brig Cranston the then comd aviation

    SEAN seost then 9regt body builder

    Both left to become armed security for the UN in Bosnia and Africa
    i heard they where running African Troops around Rwanda and Zaire

    The last heard of Max was he had a contract to supply aviation contractors to UN in Afganistan
    working in hostile locations thats why i wont to contact him for a job the one i have is boring the pants of me and i dont want to rejoin the corp fed up with the back stabbing and bitching that goes on

    any help would be great
  2. Ok, I'll bite!!

    You obviously are not employed in a capacity that requires any form of literacy! (Young Officer perhaps?)

    Any help, yes, in the title Army Air Corps, Corps is spelt with an S, C-O-R-P-S!!, S see!!! You did it not once, or twice, but three times!!!

    Can't do back stabbing, but if it's Sarcasm you want I'm your man!!!!

    As for Max and Sean..........................................never heard of them sorry!
  3. PERSEC?
  4. With his spelling ability, PERSEC will probably be something you put in the Washing machine to get your clothes clean!