Mad For Animals: Terrorists?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by The_Goon, May 15, 2006.

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  1. Just been watching "Mad For Animals" on C4, and the interviews with the individual activists are disturbing, at best. One woman has said that if she was terminally ill she would DEFINITELY suicide bomb one of those Animal Test facilities, and that anyone working within the buildings "deserves what they get."

    And the activities these people seem to be undertaking seem to be terrorist, in my opinion. Like assualting police officers who attempt to hold back the activists, "intelligence gathering" on people involved in animal testing etc., intimidation...

    Does anyone have any views on the kind of people who would have a vasectomy at the age of 22 to dedicate their lives to animals? The things these people believe in seem to be dangerous!
  2. I blame Walt Disney and Beatrix Potter myself.

    I mean, if these two hadn't given animals 'human' traits we wouldn't be in this mess, would we?

    And how does having a vasectomy allow you to dedicate your life to animals?
  3. The Hunt Sabs this side of the water have had a few characters who played the "wooly face" game with organisations who had intents other than stopping the hunt....
  4. You can shag all the sheep you want without the risk of pregnancy.
  5. I saw this program - what a load of shite. They are all a bunch of cnuts and deserve to be themselves subjects of vivisection. Especially that scary window-licker with no neck.

    Pass me another guinea pig sarnie....
  6. [Edited due to PERSEC reasons]

    These people are terrorists. SHAC & the like should be proscribed groups under the Terrorism Act just like PIRA.
  7. Best bit was when one of the great unwashed was asked if digging upa persons grave was going a bit far. He responded that he has PERSONALLY found the bones of......yes you guessed it Guinea Pigs in the wood and that was much the same. What planet are these peolpe on?
  8. This might go into a tad of a rant, so I apologise in advance.

    I've worked at a famous place that the bunny fondlers have targeted continually, and I'm currently working at an almost unknown place that the tree huggers would go for. In both locations I'm a security guard, so I had to deal with these cnuts.

    My observations are they don't give a flying fart about the animals, just about causing trouble. Any group that claims what they do then spends the time tormenting and winding up police and private guard dogs, or trashing the country side while waiting for their next riot is not doing what it says.

    They have a habit of only being around when people are entering or leaving the site, or when the media is about. Otherwise they'll nearly always sod off. Also every two weeks on a Monday they'd all pile into one mini-bus and disappear for a couple of hours in the afternoon. It just so happened that this was the time period that coincided with the Dole signing on session at the local DSS. One does wonder how sitting outside a lab is "Looking for work".

    The Guards got on fine with the activists who where there for the animals. We could normally spot them. They'd show up on a demonstration and stand quietly on the far side of the road holding their signs. They where normally allot better groomed and dressed then the general clump of noisy trouble making barbarians. They'd stand there for all of their Saturday, in all weathers, and then would leave. Once or twice I saw them going around, trying to clean up the mess the others had made of the countryside.

    Still on their side? Well one incident happened, where a group of protesters tailed a bloke in his car as he left the site. They followed him home, noted his address, and came back later that night, smashing windows issuing threats and trashing the car and house.

    Only thing was he didn't go straight home, he went to visit his elderly mum...

    As to the mad cow saying she would suicide bomb them, good fecking luck. At best she'd get a couple of rent'a'cop contractors. The security in these places are stunning, at the famous site I was using gear that 4 years later is only just becoming common use, and even then the stuff there was better in several ways.
  9. Don't forget "Watership Down" with all those cute bunnies making people go Ahhh......
  10. Natural selection at work?
  11. Young farmers who don't want a family?
  12. Well the rant about if i had cancer i would become a sucide bomber sounds like pub talk .Replace finsbury mosque /houses of parliment for the lab .Barking mad the lot of them .
  13. Agreed. Just Walt talk.
  14. Instead of threatning to blow the place up, why doesnt she volunteer to take the animals place? That way, she could help her beloved animals and serve at least some purpose with her miserable life as they tested new shampoo on her. Everyones a winner
  15. Well said, it brings tears to my eyes.

    Lousy shampoo.