'Mad Dog' Adair freed from jail

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Former Loyalist paramilitary terror boss Johnny "Mad Dog" Adair has been released from prison in Northern Ireland.

He was taken from Maghaberry prison near Lisburn, County Antrim, to RAF Aldergrove and then flown by military helicopter to Manchester.

Former associates of Adair had vowed to kill him if he returned to his home in the Shankill Road area of Belfast. His wife Gina lives in Bolton where she is recovering from cancer.

Adair, 39, had not been due to be freed until Thursday, but was allowed out early because of his entitlement to temporary parole.

He completed two-thirds of a 16 year sentence for directing terrorism. This was the third time he had been freed.

Previously hundreds of supporters had waited for him outside the jail gates, but on this occasion the authorities took charge and he was out of the country before anyone knew about it.

He fell out with his leaders of the Ulster Defence Association at the height of a vicious feud which claimed the lives of a number of paramilitaries, one them John Gregg gunned down at Belfast docks.

Police chiefs and the Northern Ireland Secretary Paul Murphy who feared even worse bloodshed ordered he be arrested and sent back to prison. He had been held in near solitary confinement for his own safety.

A small group of reporters later gathered outside the Adair family home in Horwich, near Bolton. It was believed Mr Adair was inside the property but was unwilling to speak to the media.

The blinds on a front downstairs window remained firmly closed throughout the day and attempts by reporters to speak to the Loyalist paramilitary terror boss were ignored.
allegedly he was the killer of one of my workmates, nothing but a drugdealer and criminal. pure and utter feckin scum.
Seems he got out a couple of days early? If so - and it was on licence - shows unbelievable cunning on part of HMG as they could just drag him back if he starts up again. Don't know why we have to import shite like him - enough here already. Someone will doubtless say 'at least he's British'
Lovely family 8O 8O 8O

just think how much the prices of the surrounding properties must have dropped by since they invaded

agent smith
The irony being that we used to deport our shite and detritus oversees - now we're importing it!!

'Mad Dog' Adair flown to start new life in England
By Thomas Harding, Ireland Correspondent
(Filed: 11/01/2005)

Johnny Adair, one of Ulster's most feared terrorists, stepped off an RAF helicopter at Manchester airport yesterday to begin a new life in England.

After serving a maximum two thirds of a 16-year sentence for directing one of the most vicious terror campaigns witnessed during the Troubles, the loyalist leader, nicknamed "Mad Dog", is now free to live anywhere he chooses.

Johnny Adair arrives at his new home in Bolton

But the message from his former colleagues in the Ulster Defence Association was unequivocal: if he returned to Northern Ireland he would be killed; if he lived quietly at his new family home in Horwich, near Bolton, he might live.

The authorities, acting on security advice, decided to fly Adair out of Northern Ireland to prevent a renewed outbreak of the murderous feuding witnessed while he was at liberty in his Lower Shankill stronghold.

"He remains Number One on our hit list," said a UDA source. "If he makes a nuisance of himself, we have ways and means of dealing with him."

Unlike his high-profile release from jail under the terms of the Good Friday Agreement in 1999, when hundreds of loyalists gave him a hero's welcome, Adair was ferried from Maghaberry jail in a police convoy to RAF Aldergrove for his flight to England. His departure was announced several hours later.

In Manchester, Adair, 41, was spoken to by the police and warned that he would be closely watched.

At the family home in Horwich, where Adair's wife Gina and their four children fled after being exiled from Northern Ireland by the UDA, the blinds remained shut.

Adair will have had two years in which to brood over how his vicious fiefdom that controlled loyalist west Belfast was vanquished in a matter of days.

During 2002, a few months after he was freed after having his prison licence revoked for the first time, Adair attempted to seize control of the UDA.

A feud ensued with half a dozen loyalist murders before he was returned to jail in early 2003 on the orders of Paul Murphy, the Northern Ireland Secretary, for involvement in extortion, drug dealing and distributing weapons.

But while their leader was in jail, the homicidal "C Company" of the UDA carried out an audacious murder of John "Grug" Gregg, a UDA leader revered for his 1984 assassination attempt on Gerry Adams, the Sinn Fein leader.

Gregg's death forced the UDA leadership into action and in one night C Company members either rejoined the mainstream organisation or were exiled.

Adair would be killed in revenge, the UDA vowed.

Since then, the pro-Adair murals and graffiti on Lower Shankill estate have been wiped out and the area has returned to relative peace.

On the Shankill yesterday there was relief at the terrorist's move to England tinged with fear that he could one day return.

If he did, one leading loyalist warned, "there would be a queue of people to take pot shots at him".

The local housing authority has moved two hospital workers into Adair's former home in Boundary Way.

A 35-year-old man living across the street said he was not scared of Adair returning, as his support had evaporated.

"Will the UDA take him out? Well they certainly won't take him out for a drink," he said. "Adair used the people here to get what he wanted and nothing else."

A neighbour, Billy Wilson, 45, believed there was more tension in the air because Adair was now free. "Everyone is waiting to see what he was going to do next. We just want rid of him," he said.

"While Adair was here he was a threat to the neighbourhood and people couldn't breathe easily."

In Horwich yesterday residents were unanimous in not wanting the loyalist there but many felt too intimidated to give their names.

It is thought that Adair will wait until his son Jonathan, 19, completes a sentence for dealing crack cocaine before moving his family to Spain, where he is said to own property.
Gotta love the Portadown news.... ;)

the worst thing is they used a bloody RAF chopper to fly him over!

why waste MOD resources on someone like him. next they'll be flying gerry and all his pals round the province to show them how well the dismantling of the army outposts is going 8O

agent smith
OldRedCap said:
Don't know why we have to import shite like him - enough here already.
Better the devil you know?

Keep your friends close but your enemies even closer?

He might be free from prison but the sneekybeaks will have tabs on him.

The man is a utter disgrace, terrorism can never be condoned but scum like Adiar hide behind the banner using its emotive force to feather their mafia styled nests.

One thing thats evident from the troubles no matter what side of the divide, its people have long memories.... shouldnt be to long until he meets his maker.
Cheeky bitch asking for Legal Aid with that ammount of cash. I agree with the 9mm through the napper, much cheaper.
He should have been released in the province, like all the other terrorist scum. They chose to be terrorists, they can face the consequences.

I'll put £20 on 30th June. There will be a hired gun waiting for him in Spain, no drama.

The transition of the likes of UDA/IRA from terrorist/political thugs to criminal thugs will not allow such people to stay alive for long. Both sides of the coin will have to "clean up" their respective houses. Whether by a quiet word or by a slotting. Kust don't think "mad dog" and his family will listen to the quiet word, we just have to wait.

Doesn't he have a small son nicknamed "mad pup"? Last seen in a push chair I think.

Chip of the old block in the making?
They should of given him an air ticket to manchester- and the bus fare to the airport. :twisted: It would of been like the film, "Warriors"... :D
unfortunatly with out the cool fashions and decent acting.
Twisted Evil
I hardly think the sneaky beakys need to be involved a half blind community support officer could keep tabs on
10.30 am mad dog visits local dss office to pick up violent nutter giro
11 am boozer
1800 hrs gay sauna javascript:emoticon(':twisted:')
Twisted Evil
could'nt they have got a spam pilot on attachment to throw him out over the irish sea apprantly they do a course on it.javascript:emoticon(':evil:')
Evil or Very Mad
Has it struck anyone else that the Loyalists are basically the original Chavs? Thick as pigshit, given to drug dealing, car theft and benefits fraud, women bigger than the blokes and even more violent, shaven heads and burberry baseball chaps, extended family of scrotes?
Indeed. This is partly beacause the lower end of the 'loyalist' population has inbred itself sideways since they were dumped there from 1607 onwards. James I knew what he was doing when he deposited all the trouble-makers from the Anglo-Scots border. One might almost feel sorry for such a people if all they can come up with as a 'leader' is the likes of Adair. (then again, Sinn Féin/IRA and their fellow travellers hardly derive from the clean end of the gene pool...).
My bet would be on early Jul 05 in time for extra celebrations with the marching bands :wink: :lol:

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