Mad Crazy Dreams.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by The_Snail, Jul 4, 2013.

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  1. So, there I am in the hanger at Waterbeach, doing my normal shit (MCCP), and other clerks turn up and say "He's after you".

    I was with my mum and dad at the time and I was wearing a scarf.

    Then I got a bollocking from a midget bloke who told me off.

    "You've been spouting on ARRSE about a frog with a penis, and I'm a SSgt".

    Where the fuck does that shit come from?

    I'll admit to sheep's cunt, but a frog with a penis?
  2. What the hell have you been eating/drinking sluggy?
  3. Rice Crispies Squares and nice food.

    Is that a problem?
  4. I had a dream I kicked a brick and I woke up this morning with a foot that hurt like fuck.

    Fuck knows.
  5. Not for me but it seems to be for you :)
  6. I had a mad dream about joining the Army and sailing in Cyprus with some birds in bikinis then having a lovely meal and dancing at a disco with my mates,getting a good trade and having a job for life then a decent pension...........
  7. How very interesting.

    I try and start a new thread about people not killing each other in car parks and you lag all over it.

    Sssh, I am plotting.
  8. I'm sick of dreaming about not reading orders or trying to get squared away for an exercise; I got out in '95 ffs.
  9. That was me today.

    Did they come into your office or did you meet them in a bar when you were with your mates?

    See, I'm not fucking completely mad!!!