Mad carpets

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Ciggie, Jan 4, 2011.

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  1. There has been a time, I'm sure, when with or against your will you have examined a carpet, either far away or close up, and thought about it's pattern, it''s design. The one I am looking at now, not chosen by me I might add, is frightful........a mingmong just given a laboon and a paintbrush could have done better. Thank the Gods I'm not on hard stuff.
  2. My bold.

    Are you quite sure?
  3. Nah, really, this carpet is doing my head in like a bottle of scotch never could......who the fuck in their right mind let it get through a factory, into a salesroom and then onto a floor ? Jesus, maybe the Midwich Cuckoos have been in control for years....
  4. I'm sorry, is this the first time you've been taken from behind? Just be careful you don't get any burns on your forehead.
  5. Dash it, I always thought that was sunburn and curry........
  6. It's called "Modern Art". You usually find it on the walls within picture frames aswell. Try looking at it from a different angle...
  7. You are clearly one of those metrosexuals, lube up and enjoy the ride.
  8. You want a cold set between your unibrow you gopping cock hunting bastard.
  9. Actually, now you've set me thinking, those bits I thought were part of the pattern might actually be stains...oh God, am I the the only person with keys to this room?????
  10. Shamalie duck duck?
  11. Is that what they actually said at reception ? Could be the wrong hotel......I no longer care if my company will pay for this, I'm getting worried they won't pay to get me out of jail tomorrow.
  12. Una bede et'hash zebe be dant bentok.