Discussion in 'Old & Bold' started by bazp, Mar 28, 2007.

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  1. Why is it that the majority of people claim to have seen an RSM jail a pace stick for falling over or a bike 'cos the chain fell off?
    Is there a mental hospital out there with hundreds of ex-RSMs trying to jail sh*t?

    Anyone got any original anecdotes of RSM behaviour?
  2. Spanish_Dave

    Spanish_Dave LE Good Egg (charities)

    Fish is a BSM now
  3. Probably not in Blairs New Model Army, but back in the Good Old Days, Mad as a hatter, RSMs or RCMs where two a penny.
    Godfreey Cass, RCM Detmold Garrision, early 80s, now there was a player.
  4. Bill Riley (The Rhino), of 1 AFA mid to late 90`s. Now he was everything an RSM should be!!!!
  5. Jonny C***p late of 7 Para RHA, went back as a BK, mad as a tench

    I will always remember his fianl speech to the Regt when he dropped his keks moonied us and claimed there was nothing there but "2 inches of airborne fury"

    Had a thing for hiding in trees and ambushing people, mostly his driver. One ex he tried to sneak up on all the positions, tried it at ours and got 3 or 4 flares fired directly at him, he was most displeased

    The guy before him was off his head as well, "Mad Dog" W***h from 29 Cdo, but Jonny was a one off
  6. I never met the RSM in question but a friend of mine used to tell a story of an RSM who jailed himself for cocking up his drill as he marched onto his own parade.

    Apparently the same man tried to jail a pidgeon for landing on his parade.

    Urban legend or not I've never found out but I've always liked to believe it.
  7. another urban Legend!

    RSM jails pkt of Jelly Babies for being "Horrible tasting"
    Provo thinks it's funny & Eats them.
    RSM jails Provo for eating the prisoners!

    TRUE or FALSE who knows? Still funny
  8. Nice fella, a gentleman and a pussycat with history I believe
  9. Funnily enough the Irish Guards had a lunatic RSM who was known as 'The Fish'

    When I was with 2 PWRR, Gary M****W jailed all the Man U supporters on his first parade as RSM. Funny as ****.

  10. Don`t remember this guy, but we did have a Welsh RSM, I remember him ragging the Regiment once for being too Airborne?

  11. QUALITY!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes I like that one!!!!
  12. I was attached to the Cheshire for a bit in 1998. They had a guy who`d been the RSM and got a commission, they used to call him `The Mask`, he was just totally crazy, one minute he`d be talking to you normal about the weather or something, next minute, he`d be ranting and raving at you. He totally hate me, and I must admit, I return in kind he was a total and utter sister f****er.
  13. Nobby Arnold, 1 Para, jailed a flagpole for not standing up straight, allegedly. I never met him, heard him mentioned many times.

    "At his funeral one of the high ranking Generals spoke of Nobby stating "when I was CO of 3PARA Nobby sent me a note saying the problem is the CSM's find the Sergeants' mess too comfortable, rather than out training the men. I have addressed the problem Sir. I have removed the furniture from the Sgts Mess."

    This below found on the internet, no idea if it's true;

    When they stationed in Bahrain or the Trucial States (what the UAE was called back then) they were billeted in these barracks in the middle of nowhere so it was basically either desert or scrubland.

    But anyhoo, the RSM (Nobby) went nuts if he saw ANYONE do anything on his parade square other than marching, saluting and general Army business.

    So when a mongrel of a stray dog managed to get onto the parade square and took a dump...and when Nobby found out..


    Anyway Nobby had the guard called out, the dog arrested, thrown in the guardhouse, conveined a court martial (of the proper kind, not the mickey mouse, Abu Garabe, slap on the wrist kind) with the OC of 3 Para, found the dog guilty, sentenced the dog to death by firing squad, conveined a firing squad, blind folded the dog (after tying it to a post), had it shot and hung it from a post outside the camp with a sign "this is what happens when you defile the parade square."

    He even offered the Dog a last cigarrette before the firing squad killed it too..nutter .

    Nobby Arnold Tribute
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  14. Living where I do I've heard countless tales of that bloke, he was truly barking!