Mad argie propganda video

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by woody, Feb 14, 2013.

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  1. Sort of dora dora does the malvinas. Anyway if you feel the need to get angry about something of no consquence this might fill your needs.
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  2. Grumblegrunt

    Grumblegrunt LE Book Reviewer

    totally unbelievable, that para Dave Binns. speaking spanish!!
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  3. We need a translation for a proper outragefest. Loving the full auto SLR.
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  4. Could have been an Argie FN...

    But I'm impressed with the self-putting-pin-back-in-ing hand grenade at 8:24.

    How long will it be before that cartoon is dubbed in English and shown in British schools? The accuracy must be at least on a par with the slave trade. I'm guessing though, as I don't speak Welsh.
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  5. I don't speak "fucking Dago"!
  6. I take it this utter nonsense is shown to Argie schoolchildren in an attempt to convince them that being a butt stop for 5.56mm is a worthwhile career option?
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  7. 20 times more Welshmen speak Welsh than Argentinians... Put into perspective, if Argentina and Britain went head to head, the Argies would be the ones with Welsh-speaking windtalkers...
  8. They'd never slip past the sentries though, not in their ever so slightly short trousers with white socks and black slip on shoes.

    Plus you could smell the pickled onion monster munch and blue pop a mile off.

    Also having recently been on the lash in the Cynon Valley, each and everyone of the windtalking Welsh cunts would look identical, with a ridiculous "flock of seagulls" haircut, bleached in places and pushed across one side of a slightly deformed melon, with an uneven shaved bit on the side........

    Fucking cunts, you could spot em in the dark with all that fake tan.

    Fucking Valley Commando walts.......
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  9. I guess no one has watched it actually tells the story of the history of the islands, and how Galtierie (sp) was a dictator who forced civvies into uniform and the backlash that happened in the Argie armed forces.

    Its actually a bloody good film, if not slightly flawed in some aspects...such as British troops not being very willing to defend the islands.
  10. Well.. if you're willing to ignore the argie bias, and the huge lack of historical accuracy, and the fact that they received a far more thorough kicking than was shown in the film, then yes it is, it seems good to raise a new generation of argie kids on the belief that they should take the Falklands.. Round two anyone?
  11. Ironically , the schoolkid is from Formosa province , which Argentina stole from Paraguay in the 1880's .....
    No mention of that in the film .
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  12. I did. I was glued to it, even though I couldn't understand a word. A little bit more definition would have helped - it was unclear whether it was the Welsh Guards, the Marines or the Paras who were conscripted by Thatcher. It also seems as if they've finally calmed down about Belgrano.
  13. We have skulls on the side of our Aircraft... Cool.
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  14. This finally solves the 'who was better on the Falklands - Paras or Marines' question.
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