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I heard the other day that there is going to be a new machy wagon box body. has anybody else heard this and if so is it true and what is going to be on it machine wise :?:
Haven't heard anything but it's more than likely got something to do with fitment to the new MAN. Plus at lot of the old machy box's are well past their sell by date.
There are definetly plans to introduce a new machy wagon into service. I contacted a person I know in the Salisbury area when attempting to fill a machy wagon slot in our AFC8005 only to be told a new one is coming out & the TFR is so low only REME Bns & Engrs will get them.
Yep, they are looking at a new Machy wagon, we had to provisde load-bed dimensions to the IPT the other month.

Not sure what is going to be in it, but judging from the down grade of stuff from the one that used to be on the old RL to the current one, you will probably end up with a dremel and handheld drill.
what is a Machy wagon , is it a workshop ? Man at Man, any chance of a copy of the pam you were talking about in the other thread ? ( man support vehicle )
Hopefully they'll bring it in soon. Our current Machy wagon is that old, the Fitter machinist is about half the age of the tools he's using.
Rumours of the new machy wagon are correct. The ITT is out with industry now.

If you would like to contribute to the design, layout, equipment selection etc for the new solution, please let me know, ASAP.

Thanks Guys
They may well bring one in,

we have been told that we will lose ours (armd inf bn) at some point, good, all the tools are out of use anyway!
(maybe at the same time we lose the Armr Sgt slot??)
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