Macho Jacko - Has he lived up to his image?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by kennys-go-nad, Aug 6, 2006.

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  1. I think, with the current governments attitude to the mod, he was always going to be on a losing wicket. I also think it is also unfair to claim that the navy has done much better over the last few years. the article mentions the two new carriers, but unfortunately, at the rate the Navy is being cut back, they are going to be about all the navy has. the raf has faired little better. When they get replacment equipment, the get only 50-60% of the numbers they had before with some (not even) specious argument about improved capability. for the whole of the mod, there have been MASSIVE cutbacks, not just in the army. to sum up, just as with all reporing on military matters(or anything i suppose) the author has chosen to 'spin' the facts to make them say what he wants them to say. I am hoping we will hear some 'interesting' stuff from 'jacko' when he retires.
  2. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    As you say KGN, some strong stuff.

    I agree with the image bit and have thought for some time that the PoD did rather like himself, and I especially liked the bit about few photos without the red beret :x

    What will be interesting is what Jacko says once he is retired and writing his book (or speaking from the benches of the House of Lords!) I think it is obvious that he has not been able to stand up to Gordon Broon (rather than Bliar) and that all the changes have been cost saving exercises rather than rationalising the army into a more effective body.

    He may have spent 30 minutes brow beating a Tory MP but he knew that he would never have to obey or even consider what the Tories wanted as he would be long retired when/if they ever came back to power. I would have been more impressed if he had done something similar to a senior Liarbour MP.

    I wish him well in his retirement but hope that his successor has the sphericals to stand up to the politicians.
  3. BuggerAll

    BuggerAll LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    I've just seen Gen Sir Mike AKA PoD (I've never heard or seen him called Macho jacko but...) on News 24 on Sunday - he was invited to critise the Govt. He pointed out that he is still serving and therefore not in a position to do so - wait out for what he says after he has done his resettlement and post terminal leave etc.

    Firm but fair from Col Young?
  4. Blair and co aren't stupid if they thought Gen Jackson was likely to cause them strife they wouldn't have appointed him.
  5. I am not interested in what he might have to say once he has retired. The true mark of a man is what he has to say and do when he has control of the train set. 4 out of 10 for Jackson is probably generous. Look at the state we are in and ask yourself if he ever stood up to the politicians. He would be better keeping his mouth shut and kicking the book into the long grass especially while British troops are dying so readily in dubious wars in the East.
  6. I also saw the News 24 piece - his comment about the politicians was made after he had fairly obviously left them out of the list of his Oscar-stylee list of people he wanted to thank for making his time as CGS so wonderful.

    I have to agree with nigegilb to an extent; if he has stood up to Ministers he's done it very quietly indeed.
  7. Another article by Mike Smith:

    Cutting costs 'put troops in danger'

    A COMMITTEE of MPs will this week accuse the government of putting soldiers’ lives at risk by cost-cutting and by lack of planning for the aftermath of the Iraq war.

    In its first examination of Britain’s post-war performance, the Commons defence select committee will be highly critical of the way the operation has been run. The report on UK operations in Iraq says the British deployment has been “cost-led rather than needs-led” and failed to take account of how equipment shortages and failings affected troops on the ground.[hr]

    One member of the committee said last week that the evidence they had heard also suggested that senior officers had failed to stand up for the forces’ needs in the face of pressure from politicians.

    Although the report will not criticise senior officers directly, the MP added that “some people in the command structure were clearly prepared to say anything just to keep things right for Blair”.
  8. Whilst there are many on the 'London circuit' who believe he has done a good job with limited resources, I do wonder that whilst so many political commentators & senior military commanders continually state the forces are under manned, under equipped and fighting in non-popular conflicts, the CGS is can't find it in himself to agree?
    More will undoubtly come out in his book and he will be wheeled out by Sky/BBC/ITN to comment on conflicts far from Europe and explain the 'commanders view point' but, why didn't/couldn't he stand up and explain the soldiers view point whilst in office?
  9. So I take it this Col young fellow is the voice of the Armed Forces federation who will speak up the soldier rights but is reluctant to criticise a fellow officer.... brilliant :roll:
  10. If he conceded the obvious though and nothing was done quick smart to fix it he'd have to resign though.

  11. Because I would say he is a Bliarite through and through, never trust a man with bad teeth :lol:
  12. or breath :D
  13. Image is the word.

    We were committed to Afghan and Iraq before Jackson's tenure, and so his record should be judged on how well he supported those troops. His real legacy is FAS, particularly FIS.

    I had to sit through his speech at a commissioning parade last year and it was sickening, for one of two reasons;


    1) He genuinely believed what he said (which was a massive justification of FAS 'his changes').


    2) He didn't believe in what he said, and what he had done but did so because of inability to stand up to the government.

    Whatever the merits of FIS (and in my humble opinion there are many) the idea that 3 battalions were cut was not due to cost-cutting measures is palpably ridiculous, and should not be presented as anything else. Moreover as a 'soldier's soldier', Jacko the Para and all that, he knew which way operations were heading in the short to medium term, and that boots on the ground were going to be the crucial issue (for all 7RHA's virtues (this is NOT a criticism) why are they committed to infantry operations, not an infantry battalion - they are not there as peace support, they are fighting a war.)

    Points about Guthrie are interesting. For all the fact that he was smooth (ex-Guards and all that) and never openly disloyal, he always seemed in control. For all of Jackson's media manipulation, he has never given this impression.

    Final caveat. Before the incoming arrives i know Jacko is a far greater officer than I will ever be. However, I hope that in my small sphere I display a greater degree of moral courage than Jackson appears to have done as CDS.
  14. dmacomick:

    Understandable point. I am not the only "voice of the federation", but it is true that we have tended not to personalise the very clear and explicit criticisms which we have made on several occasions now.

    "Doug Young ... is reluctant to criticise him [Jackson] personally." A fair and accurate comment by the journalist, Mick Smith. Read also my actual words, and you will find that I did criticise what happened during Gen Jackson's tenure. I have taken a critical line about such matters in recent broadcast interviews.

    We do listen to and welcome feedback from serving personnel. You have every right to comment on my opinions - especially if you are a potential BAFF member - but don't mislead yourself with that "fellow officer" bit. BAFF does not have a "cosy" relationship with senior officers and will not, under the present BAFF leadership, ever seek a "cosy" relationship.

    The BAFF Steering Group, of which I have the honour to be the present Chairman, comprises a wide range of present or former ranks. We have as many non-commissioned as commissioned, as many Cpls as Cols.