Macho culture holds back women recruits


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Live it.


Another couple of million quid to tell us the Army resents women and they undermine morale on board ships! Give me £20,000 and I would have saved the MOD some money!


Still, got to admit, there looked like some nice Zeps nestling underneath those wooly pully's in the picture!  :D
If ANYONE cannot pass the requisite fitness tests, cannot meet the required technical standards, does not display the necessary courage and fortitude of a soldier....................then they should not be drawing pay that comes from our collective taxes.

There are women in the Army - get over it.

The traditional qualities required of a trained fighter have traditionally been sought amongst the male half of the population. It now appears that some of you believe that those qualities now only exist exclusively amongst the male half of the population - not so gentlemen.

If some individual women are not up to standard, those individual women should not have been selected and should not continue to be trained. If women are asking for special treatment, don't give it to them. If they become over emotional, ignore them.

For f**ks sake guys, stop acting like complete pussies and get a grip of someone who is obviously taking the p**s out of you.


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Prodigal calm down..............

100% agree The AAC was introducing the first female Airtroopers into the Corps just prior to me leaving.
Amongst them were some very capable soldiers, also some useless oxygen thieves, but as a cross section no different from the blokes.

My only grievance came when the powers that be should fast track one of them to become the 'the first female door gunner' Ok fair enough, good recruitment campaign etc..the big but was that she couldn't cock the gimpy..Granted not her fault but she's not upto the job.

She remained a door gunner until deployed on operations when the concern was raised.

Otherwise I'm all for trouts in uniform, especially when you're too tired or lazy to 'knock one out'  ;D ;D


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You can just soooo see where this is going...

Ooooooooooooohhhhhhhh!!! MDN!! I forgot how pleasurable it is to be abused by you......mmmmmmmmmmmm.......... ;D ;D :eek:

We are making the same point!! I bet you a pound to a pinch of s**t that the same AAC snr offrs who made that stupid decision are the same ones who would be the first to  complain that women don't cut the mustard and should not be in the Army..........

If they are up to the job and no concessions have to be made crack on.

Blokes only get thier backs up when the totty cry for equality after the jerry cans have been off loaded and the physical tasks have been handed out

As for abuse Prodigal, have you dyed that barnett yet, If so report to my office in heels and black webbing.... Oh and bring a packet of tissues ;D


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Sorry to let you know it this way, but Prodigal is still as red headed as she was.  But this should not put you off, it just makes her more of a handfull.

Back to the argument, the physiology required to fight has not changed for thousands of years,which is wy there have been very few cultures with physical dominance lead by women.

Talking of Amazonians, when are you next in tow, Prodigal?
Alright Prod you've been gagging for long enough

Just to show there is a gentlemanly streak running through me I'll let you have it and ignore your hair colour just for ten minutes.

And who says I'm not a nice guy?

CGS don't mind a handful, unless it spills over the side like 200lbs of chewed bubblegum ;D

Back to thread, if a girly CPL on duty and is called upon to relieve the gaurd........................
MDN, you are just too good to me....... ::) Is 10 minutes  all I get?!

There are women capable of passing all the male fitness tests ( I did, including the CFT, and I wouldn't even say I was the fittest female I knew - there were plenty of others who could have doine it, they just chose not to) - it's those who should be recruited, and only those.

And I'm sure you're not going to disagree with the assertion that you need a lot more than just muscles to make a soldier.

........ooooohh Gunny, you wait until I come up for the Mardi Gras and park my car next to yours........... :D
Youll have to be rationed to ten minutes

A ride on the Donut love stick is more addictive than Crack, theres only so much to go around.........unless yer any good then you can have a back to back shift.......don't forget Iam making concessions for that barnett

Back on thread, absolutely if a girly or any other creature for that matter can pass the required entry and continuous aptitude tests then give them a go.
There are plenty of fellas out there that struggle with the tests, give them the boot too....or weeks of remedial PT
Not really surprising that the army is over 90% male, how many years of history are women trying to overturn?

That said, far too much reliance on stereotypes in that article. Any female worth her salt would not compromise combat effectiveness just for the sake of equality. But not all women would compromise combat effectiveness by just their presence.

I can pass all the basic (TA) fitness tests, however I realise that is not really the definition of combat fitness. However I was the only female (one of the last) on the TA CIC I attended and was not by far the worst recruit there (fitness tests included).

Although every female knows we have to be twice as good to be considered half as good (not that I always achieve that)

Although even if lowering standards helps recruiting, if they’re not up to it (doing the job not just training) does/should the army want them?

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