Machine gun platoons in Armoured Bns?


War Hero
Having been a STAB in a GPMG(SF) platoon, but never been to BATUS or worked with Warriors, just what is the score with the Guns if you do end up as Armoured Inf?

In the light role the guns are pretty important, or so we liked to think.

But in the armoured role surely a few GPMGs are going to be naff all use really when you consider that just about every AFV has a 7.62 MG on it, or more. Even if you had .50 cal HMGs instead of Gimpy, a lot of AFVs have something similar, and a lot are going to be bulletproof against 7.62/.50.

So what does an MG platoon do if you end up going Armoured? Just get used as a regular rifle platoon instead?
Manage to get your mitts on GMGs to increase the punch you have?
Or just do the same role as before but hope to hell you don't bump into any AFVs with similar weapons and armour that your bullets won't pierce?