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Machine gun Pillbox in Singapore

Whilst taking my eldest to a b'day party at Siloso beach on Sat. in Singapore I spotted the following perfectly preserved (was never fired on apparently) pillbox "hiding" in the bushes by the beach path.

The tourist sign next to it mentioned it had been built as part of the beach defences of the island & Fort Siloso on Sentosa and that it was designed to take 2 vickers mg, a small searchlight and a generator. Anybody recognise the design?



The searchlight part looks the same as Searchlight emplacements along the Isle of Wight coast.

There again Concrete + Searchlight = very limited design possibilities.
I can't quite remember where I was now... I'm going to guess Honduras or Guatamala...

but I drove past a barracks on a jungle hill and the sentry post in the middle of the entry road was a big concrete pair of cartoon type boots with an opening not unlike the one above through the laces... topped by a concrete roof helmet - all painted perfectly. Classic. The only other thing I remember was that the guards were sh1t hot smart.

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