Machine Gun Corps

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by nobbyd, May 18, 2013.

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  1. Time Team on More4 at Belton House about the MGC. My Grandad was one of the founding officers, having left the Cheshires in Galipoli, so looking forward to this.
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  2. Not to hand. Off the top of my head, he was with 2 Cheshires in India, came back, got posted to 8th(Service), was out in the Dardanelles, applied and was accepted for the MGC, then ended up being gassed in Flanders and winning the MC somewhere along the line. I'll check with the family and get back to you if it's of interest, but a lot of his stuff ended up in IWM and the Great Aunt that knew absolutely everything died a few years ago
  3. Thought the program was quite interesting as my Grandfather served with the MGC after enlisting in the Linconshire Yeomanry.

    Maybe he went through this camp during training, I have no idea.

    His service record shows him as serving in Med E.F and BEF.

    I think the first part is the Mediterranean Expeditionary Force, the other British Expeditionary Force. Although I standby to be corrected.

    Discharged in 1919 after serving 3 yrs 311 days with the colours under KR Para 392(XV1a) - Surplus to military requirements having suffered impairment since entry into the service.

    I imagine hearing damage???

    Any ideas how I can find out more?
  4. Excellent episode.
  5. Saw the episode and it was quite interesting but the episode a few days later (in Australia) just about moved me to tears. It was about using archeology to try and rehabilitate soldiers injured both physically and mentally in Iraq and Afghanistan.

    Some bright chap came up with the idea of excavating an Anglo-Saxon burial mound on Salisbury Plain as a means to re-engage injured soldiers and the Time Team was brought in to assist. The program covered some of the soldiers, their injuries and what they were getting out of the archeological dig. One of them was even going on to university to study archeology. Brilliant.
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  6. My grandfather was in the MGC, but it seems only fleetingly. He joined the RHA in 1903 and finished up in India in the Tank Corps in the late 1920s.

    Is there any truth in the idea that members of the new Tank Corps were transferred into the MGC as a security measure until the new wonder weapons were used in action? It may be guff, but it was apparently a story my grandfather told.

    This would support the change from MGC to TC. As to a security meaure?
  8. Not really Heavy Branch (they were at the time working on a range of MG carrier platforms) the MGC formed the original company's of tank soldiers as they has the skill set and at that point it was not really known if the new wonder weapon would be any good. The Tank Corps was then formed and the Company's became Battalions.
  9. Other way round, MGC had the tanks, and the Tank Corps/RTR evolved from them when the MGC folded in the early 20's
  10. Had a Great Uncle who was in The Queen's then MGC. He went to the Heavy Branch and became a tank driver. KIA in 1917. I have the battle record from the MGC which, with his obituary was an interesting and sad read as he was unmarried and left no offspring.
  11. Here is medal card for my Great great Uncle, he went straight to TC (MGC no longer involved, directly, TC managed it's own recruiting) and was killed in action on 8th. August 1918 at the battle of Amiens. The 13th. Battalion TC was almost entirely wiped out that day.

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  12. Answering my own post is a bit sad I know, but the info may be of interest to others.

    The Linconshire Yeomanry were part of the Egyptian Expeditionary Force (EEF) and once the Sinai and Palestine Campaign was over they reformed in 1918 to become D Bn MGC, then redesignated 102 Bn MGC (who says the army doesn't like change) who apparently were part of First Army BEF.

    Now to figure out:

    a. Was he part of the 1/1st Lincolnshire Yeomanry. Hopefully this is the case or I wasted Sunday reading all about the Sinai and Palestine Campaign.
    b. Where D Bn MGC or 102 Bn MGC spent 1918.
  13. I gather almost all the MGC records have been destroyed
  14. There is no full history of the MGC, most papers were lost in a devastating fire in 1935, and then soldier's papers were further depleted in the Blitz. The MGC has been jinxed as regards records

    HELLFIRE CORNER - Machine Gun Corps

    I can't even find out about the MCG Bn let alone a personnel record.

    I have a medal card, his medals and his original discharge paperwork though, so better off than some.