Machine gun corps ww1

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by Searcher, Mar 29, 2010.

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  1. Does anyone know where the machine gun corp was at the end (nov) of ww1 My grandfather was shot by a sniper. Luky for him he survived but I would like to know more. Like where was he, which CCS he would have been taken to
  2. The answer to your question Searcher is - everywhere! By the end of WW1, the MGC numbered some 170 000 officers and men. The corps was disbanded in 1922. You may be interested to visit the MGC memorial at hyde Park corner - "Saul has slain his thousands but David has slain his tens of thousands".
  3. Sorry mate but even I need a bit more infomation than that,
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    & there was me thinking you might have been there. :D
  5. That was my Dad, easily mixed up, he would only be 112 now
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  7. Interesting link. No mention, that I could find, of the Artists' Rifles which I thought were involved in the creation of the MGC.
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    Also for details of day to day life in the MGC read Henry Williamson's Love and the Loveless...
  9. Do you have his number rank and name?

    If you post it here I will look on the National Archive or you can search yourself here.


    Some nice person may do a look up for you on Ancestry, my subscription has just ran out. But I think you may get two weeks free.
  10. So that makes you 78/85..?? the cold lonely nights in N.I means you were serving aged 63+..??..I'm 60 now, my G/Father did WW1 and he was born 1878(approx), my dad did WW2 born 1921, I'm puzzled..??
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    Also "With a Machine Gun to Cambrai" by George Coppard MM. An awesome account of his experiences from joining up (under age) in 1914 to being very severely wounded in 1917, and then the epilogue when he returns to France/Belgium in the 60s and encounters an old girlfriend!
  12. Your also crap at maths, my dad was born in 1898, I was born when he was 52, after his first family were killed in the bombing in 1943, which makes me the same age as you
  13. I was so inspired by this that I took Henry Williamson and the First World War (ISBN: 978-0-7509-3552-9) up to bed with me last night...
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    Bloody hell your younger than me sprog!