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Machette Scabbard

Since this my first stop in all matters green, I thought someone would be able to help....

I recently acquired a machette and DPM scabbard for nocturnal bushcraft activities..... it has a belt loop and pins on the back a la PLCE, but also has a long nylone web belt with push-in buckle on the front.

How is this thing supposed to be worn ? If it is fitted to a belt, what happens to the long dangly bit ?

I don't have a NCN and I couldn't be arsed to look it up.

Can anyone help ?

Ta Paul
legs-o-lead said:
nocturnal bushcraft activities
Last time I saw a bloke blundering about in the dark with his tree beater, he almost cut his own foot off. Or is nocturnal bushcraft your euphemism for prowling and rape?
Aye, thanks guys.... it'll be carried in my rucksack anyway, so i'll just cut the long annoyng bits off.......

And, yes, I AM the scariest thing in the park in the dark, with or without my pocket knife 8O
or it could be used to keep it around your waist underneath your belt order so when worn like that in the jungle you are never without it
legs-o-lead said:
but also has a long nylone web belt with push-in buckle on the front.
Sounds like the same provision that is on the resi pouch (or as I like to call it - the lunchbox), it can be worn ala handbag style or wound up and taped.

But seriously, do you actually need a machete?

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