Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by Geordiemonkey, Oct 3, 2008.

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  1. has enyone had experiance working with the macidonian army?
    yust wanting to know how they operate how well trained etc
    im deploying to afgan in febuary and apparantly there doing camp security
  2. If they are as bad as they were in Skopje for the Scotland game nobody will get into camp!! Full stop friend or foe!!!!!!! *******.
  3. Call me old fashioned, but is this info in the public domain? If not, I'd recommend we don't discuss who's doing what and where.
  4. I think you will find it is the Former Yugoslavian Republic of Macedonia.

    Macedonia is part of Greece and they get pretty peeved about their next door neighbours insistence of themselves calling Macedonia. (Hence Greeces' objection to them becoming a full NATO member and other things)

  5. I've worked with a few - some are OK, some are a bit behind the power curve. From what I've seen a security role will play to their strengths.

    FFS don't call them Macedonians in earshot of a Greek though!
  6. Well, the Macedonians themselves aren't too happy about that one! Basically, the bubbles are claiming that somehow Macedonia the country being called the Republic of Macedonia will give them a territorial claim on Greece's province of Macedonia, but what we call the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia is definitely not a part of Greece! My mates bird is from Macedonia and is a lovely girl so I'm biased toward them for no reason other than that...
  7. Greeks: apart from Phil the Greek and ánal sex what have they done for the world?
  8. Retsina? Strip paint and get drunk from the same bottle,very popular with 'functioning' painters and decorators.
  9. Yeah, science, philosophy, art, what a bunch of gay sh1t ;-)!
  10. At least Macedonia still has its' own National currency!
  11. And the flag most likely to make your eyes bleed.
  12. Yes it is preading its' self out across the Balkans to encompass Northern Greece.
  13. Alexander was a Macedonian and loved it up the pumper.

    I know, I've seen the film.

    The prosecution - whilst reserving the right to call rebuttal witnesses yeronner - rests.
  14. True, but in todays geography he would be a Greek Macedonian considering where he was born, raised, and saw his old man Phil get assassinated etc