Macedonian Islamist weapons cache seized

These picture are somewhat worrying but reading the article something at least made me smile: Wahhabi ringleader, Ramadan Shiti.

If the naming conventions are similar to other eastern cultures i.e. last name then first name, this chap really didn't like fasting for his religion that much.

No offense meant


Edited to add the naming convention
The religion of Peace eh?
Dailies report that at least six people were killed, and 12 were arrested on Wednesday after an armed fight between Macedonian police and an armed group in the villages near Tetovo. The action, coded “Mountain Storm,” was launched on Wednesday morning in the Tetovo Mountains, and, according to the police, the targets of the operation were Ramadan Shiti and Lirim Jakupi who recently fled from Dubrava Prison in Kosovo.

Macedonian Interior Minister Gordana Jankulovska said no police officers were injured during the operation. “The armed groups have been disbanded, and special police forces are still in the field. Six people have been killed, 12 were arrested in villages near Tetovo, and four in Çair in Skopje,” she said.

The Deputy Interior Minister told Koha Ditore that the operation was a successful coordination between Macedonian police and police forces from Kosovo and KFOR.

Koha Ditore reports that an organisation called “The Organisational Political-Military Council of the National Liberation Army” claimed responsibility for the conflict in Tetovo, stating that “we are protecting the honour of the people”.

At the same time, the Albanian National Army (AKSH) issued a press release expressing regret over the attack on Macedonian forces, but denied involvement in the conflict.

Express reports on the front page that the killed during the conflict have not been identified, and that the AKSH has denied its involvement in the conflict. “Who is fighting on behalf of Albanians?” asks the paper.

Extracted from Local Rags here. Quiet this place isn't.


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If Iraq has any ideas about re-arming after us and the septics jump ship, then they might find EVERYTHING they need to start another Iran/Iraq punch up, for the next 15 years in the Balkans, and cheaply.
There's unfinished business in the Balkans. The fear and loathing has existed for generations and it's not going to cease any time soon.

I wonder if any of these easily available weapons from the Balkans have made their way into terrorists hands in the UK. If so, how many? Could there be major arms caches' in Blighty?
Mr_Deputy said:
It seems fairly well known that factories in Russia and several former Eastern-bloc countries are churning out the AK's and RPG etc etc on a daily basis. Are they properly monitored and all factory out-put accounted for?
They're not churning them out as you describe - mainly because the fecking place is awash with them.It is estimated that 1 male in 3 owns at least one (illegal) weapon.

Protocols are in place for monitoring but ..............
The_Cad said:
The religion of Peace eh?
Taz_786 the jihadi walt assures me that he only wanted these weapons for peaceful muslim use, in the sense that they'd only be used against innocent/peaceful unarmed women and children.

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