Macedonia will kick off next

Discussion in 'Bosnia/Former Yugoslavia (Op GRAPPLE, Op RESOLUTE)' started by Domovoy, Mar 25, 2012.

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  1. There is something fresh for you to discuss; and I am stunned that UK military community did not pick up on it yet...

    In Macedonia the stand-off between Slavs and Albanians is reaching a critical level to the point that football championship had to be stopped... Dozens of injured after Albanian attacks on Slavs... The demands of federalisation of Macedonia (with the obvious view of breaking it up in a manner of Kosovo independence) will be supported by Bulgaria that will be only too happy to "reunite" with the Slavic part of Macedonia; and by Greece that has a list of reasons to see the end of Macedonia...
    This can start a new wave of revisiting state borders of the European countries.

    Years ago US/Israel and poodel-UK sited with militant Islam to change the political map of the post-modern world. They did it in Yugoslavia, Chechnya, Libya, Syria, Egypt, etc...
    NATO jedi led by Jedi Order from Washington bombed the life out of Serbia in order to carve Kosovo out of it. In this noble adventure they used the Force (of militant Islamic Albanian nationalism).

    Kosovo was created for few purposes (as US saw them):
    1. Camp Bondsteel in the heart of Europe (and next to the pipeline);
    2. A safe base for flooding Europe with Afghan heroin;
    3. A time-bomb of ethnic conflicts in the centre of Europe's political and ethnic fault-line to manipulate any attempt of Euro-Asian challenger to US primacy to rise to a level where it can threaten US hegemony in Euro-Asia.

    Unfortunately, US/UK/Europeans either forgot or chose to disregard one important circumstance: in 1878 Albanian League adopted a document that reads: "... merge all Albanian lands with fire and sword, believing any land where at least one Albanian family lives to be Albanian... getting rid of foreign languages ... and let it take a hundred or two hundred years..."
    While NATO states believed they are using Albanian nationalistic Islamists, the later were using NATO to come closer to re-creating Greater Albania...
    Of course, European numpties, sorry -- leaders, who willingly acquired Kosovo hemorrhoid are very unlikely to allow Albanians their "Greater Albania" dream; but by the time Europeans will grasp the enormity of the problem, they will have to deal not only with US ambitions in Euro-Asia and its need for drugs revenue, but also with ever expanding interests of Persian Gulf monarchies that already have Kosovo under their political and financial influence.
  2. What was your question?
  3. Trans-sane

    Trans-sane LE Book Reviewer

    Sensing a member of the tinfoil millinery brigade me thinks...
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  4. Albania and Macedonia are at eurovision in May. Perhaps it will end in the blood bath I have dreamed of for many a year. If it does kick off we should send in sir cliff and scooch.
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  5. Ah Domovoy is back from a nearly 2 Yr break. Now tell me is it the Baker, Pizza delivery boy, The miller or Tesco ?
  6. Erm, you are aware we went and sorted them out in 2001 and kept a pretty tight grip since.
  7. Camp Bondsteel eh? that's NOTHING we had BANSKI RID...You're welcome.
  8. if this is about football matches, few people had a kicking in Portsmouth last week, Jesus are they going to succeed from the UK ?

    I feel a ethnic cleanse coming on :)
  9. msr

    msr LE

    No, it's about someone failing to take their medication...
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  10. By the way it is the "Former Yugoslavia Republic of Macedonia"

    Macedonia is in Greece and shall forever be.
    Whatever their problems the Greeks know their history and defend it with vigour (and other posh names)

  11. I'm interested in the bit about "NATO jedi led by Jedi Order from Washington".

    I've always wanted to be a Jedi - do you know if there's an age limit for applying? I'm 55, but I'm sure the force is strong within me. (BTW, I don't have my own light-sabre - will they supply me with one if I get in?)

    Do they have a website?
  12. Last I heard, Jedi was now a recognised religion. So you can become a Jedi.
  13. Say what you like about Bondsteel, but the canteen is ace!
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  14. You can become a Jedi at 55 but only if you have previous military experience.

  15. Bollocks, that's me fucked, unless the ATC counts. Hey - I did shoot Marksman with an SLR at RAF Bruggen - do you think that would count towards getting a light sabre?