MACC Task 2005

When all was said and done, a thoroughly good two weeks!
Highlights of the two weeks included Countrylad's "supervision," and the Olympics Part-ay!
Anyone else who was there got any good stories to tell?
Let's not forget u're constant whingeing macks, 'why do i have to do this, this is pump etc...' you're worse than a bleedin' woman.
But on the whole really good two weeks, especially the castle visit at the end and mimi!
Constant whingeing? Only when I was made to do pump things like clean that thrusting bucket! :D
Ah yes, the castle visit. "You vill visit ze castle und enjoy it."
Ahhh, c'mon countrylad. You only have a sad on because of the superb series of p*ss takes... er, impersonations of you at the party!
No way fella the piss-takes were funny, no complaints about that. If you can't laugh at yourself then you're a t055er.

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