MacBook? Or something else.

Any good or total gash?

At the moment I have a widescreen laptop at home that I use instead of a PC and never take anywhere because it's quite large. I also have a little EEE PC that is great for occasional web browsing but I want something else.

I need something that can work with my iPhone and camera for uploading photos. Won't really be using it for any MS Office type tasks. I would like an optical drive too.

So any suggestions? I am willing to spend up to £1500. Any help would be great.


Oh no, not this old chestnut again! I'll confess that I'm a convert to Mac and my MacBook Pro has been (almost) faultless for the past two years. I love it for it's ease of use, it's lack of crashing and it looks rather snazzy. Downsides are they are expensive and many argue that they're not worth the money, software can be a pain as you have to repurchase for Mac and did I mention the price?
We have both in our house- a VAIO and MacBook and the macbook wins hands down. Battery life on the mac is awesome, and if you could be bothered, you could have a go at a dual boot system so you have XP on a partition of the Mac- bit of a pain I know but it would be a neat setup. Microsoft Office is available on the mac aswell so the xp side of the dual boot should be rarely needed.
Ahh yeah the battery life was something I was curious about too. I notice my HP Laptop the battery life seems to be very poor.
Normal office tasks will run for nearly 4 hours (don't know if that is common but with the right energy savings and a bit of discipline 'exercising' the battery it is easily twice as efficient as the VAIO). Even on the interw*nk or running VLC for DVDs it runs for about two film's worth on a flight.

They are expensive, but the support is good, and they are easy to get used to. Notice the resell value of them aswell- they hold their value very well. If you want to use it for graphics intense apps, then upgrade the memory etc. It is definately worth the extra. There is no discount given in most places, but if you order an added extra macbook direct, and then phone them up and say you don't want it anymore, you may find they offer an incentive to keep hold of it :wink:
Macbook hands down - five/six hour battery life (with half screen brightness), lack of crashing, great user interface, fantastic support from Apple - regular patches, firmware updates etc.

Oh, I'd also recommend ditching Office and moving to iWorks. I did some months ago, and I certainly wont be going back to Office 2008 in a hurry.
Office 08 is pretty good compared to 2007.
OS X comes with an app (boot camp) to partition, and Apple stores will install windows for you for the cost of the OS plus a small fee, otherwise it's not too tricky to do yourself. Battery life is good and weight is manageable; 2.5kg for an MacBook Pro 15" so easily portable.
MacBook arrived this morning. It looks really nice. Haven't turned it on yet but I shall have a play tomorrow and see what i think
You mention photography/graphics. That is what Mac do so very well. I would imagine there are very many more Mac-compatible graphic manipulation applications than in Windoze or Linux combined. I've not used a Macbook for gaming but can say it is a superior machine. The learning curve is not as difficult as I have found with Win and it always seems more intuitive once one relaxes.
On the 'silly' front - it also looks just so beautiful!
Mac laptops are not going to be able to touch high-end Windows systems for sheer grunt (unless you go for a horrendously well specced Mac Pro), however, they can run around 80% of modern games to a pretty decent level.

Granted, if you're a framerate and 'turn all the settings up to 11' junkie, a Windows box would be better. But I can run things like Half-Life 2 (only game I really play) and Eve Online on my iMac and my MBP, so I'm happy.

Also, Diablo 3 is coming out on the Mac, so I'm happy :D
I've just noticed that the battery on my MBP appears to be losing power too quickly. Turns out I have 35% battery health after just 210 cycles. Knobheads. Apple reckons battery should be at 80% after 300 cycles so that looks like a swift £97 for a new battery then. :x

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