Macbook or Laptop?

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by seenmybaseball, Dec 15, 2008.

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  1. I'm looking at buying a new laptop at the min.

    Still really torn between a new Viao, or one of the new Macbooks.

    Anyone got any advice or opinions as to which one is better?

  2. They're both pretty good.

    I've just bought a new Dell XPS that's a laptop!
  3. I'm with the Smudge-meister... for the price of either a Viao or Macbook you can get a really top-notch Dell...
  4. I rang Dell up, and asked if they could quote me a price, and the knocked £243 off the asking price too!
  5. Nice... they've got 10% off today and tomorrow too...
  6. Dell can fuck right off, when I rang them for a quote (for some stand alone systems for work) they refused to give me a quote unless I gave them my credit card details. I certainly wouldn't buy a system of theirs for my own use. (as I'm sat at work in front of a dell monitor using a dell keyboard..... etc etc)
  7. I wouldn't buy a Dell PC either, but their top of the range XPS Laptops are good, and cheaper than an Alienware.
  8. I'd rather go to a company like novatech, at least when you phone them they are in the UK, don't demand your credit card details before processing a quote ffs and know what they are talking about.
  9. Im a big Mac fan, but Sony and DELL would be my PC's of choice.

    Personally, I think DELL offer the best value for money ...although in my line of work, Macs seem to be prevelant

    The top-notch Sonys are very nice but if you're off on a Tour, you need cheap as chips throw-away stuff IMHO

    PC's have the decent games too
  10. Its got to be a Mac,

    Downside you will have to get new software and the latest games take a while to arrive in mac format.


    No Virus, malicious and software, spyware, less spam.

    to many to mention see here

    I have had Macs or used Mac for the last 15+ years and have never had a major problem.

    I now have 2 Imacs and A Macbook.

    I have had my Macbook for the last 5 years and its Brill, runs all the latest software like a dream with the potential of doing so for a good few years too.

    They may initially cost a bit more but last and are a dream to use.


    PS my wife is a senior contract IT consultant and she is about to ditch her PC to get a Macbook!!
  11. me too, brilliant bit of kit, excellent for gaming.
  12. I've just bought a Macbook directly from Apple via Forces Discount. It saved about £50 on the public price.
  13. I got my Dell with forces discount (they have a forces desk), the tax off as I'm in the fatherland and when youre ordering it they lob a fair few freebies in as well (4 years XPS Premium Warranty Support - Priority Call In and Onsite Support), bonus!
  14. Personal opinion.

    Macbooks are to bespoke when you eventually change in order to keep your settings you have to stay with one manufacturer however every cnut makes pc's therefore settings can be ported from one to another.

    macs are great for imaging and video but heh unless you're a closet phot there is no real difference to the untrained eye.

    IMHO macs are a niche toy for the ubertrendy (see IPOD vs MP3 both play music one looks nice with it and costs a F of a lot more)

    Interchangeability: do you have a home PC which you are used to using... macbook would mean changing the way to interact between the two.

    Anyway as I said just my personal opinion.