MACA & the "Big Freeze"

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by chrisg46, Jan 9, 2010.

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  1. chrisg46

    chrisg46 LE Book Reviewer

    Just been watching the news, and recently there has been a story about how district nurses in rural areas are having difficulties reaching patients out in the countryside, only those with 4x4 vehicles are able to get out.
    Could the army help? after all, we happen to have a large fleet of such vehicles, with trained drivers.
    Can unit CO's volunteer their resources? or do they have to wait for a request from civil authorities before the military can assist?
  2. I can't imagine anyone would want to get involved, certainly not by volunteering. Anyway it's the weekend, who's going to do it?
  3. TA? I thought there was SFA TA anymore.
  4. I think there's another thread on here somewhere stating that 'some' units are on standby but have not been authorised to be called in (except for the Incident on the A3/M in hampshire recently) due to being close by at Bordon.
  5. Yes we can help, and we have done quite a bit to help. all across the UK where life is in imminent danger. That sort of activity is fine, and great work is being done at local levels.

    However, the Armed forces are not there to serve as a business continuity plan for businesses - unless life is in danger, then we should not be responding IMHO. Why - simple - if we help them, then we don't encourage them to do proper business continuity, and taxpayers money will be spent helping people who should have got their planning properly sorted.

    I've said it before and I will say it again - read JDP2-02 - we are not there to be the private sectors version of international rescue - lets help where lives are at stake, and politely but firmly tell all others to go away.
  6. Military Liaison is always ongoing.

    Primary Care and Ambulance Trusts asking the MOD for mobility help are told it will cost.

    Voluntary 4x4 organisations such as

    part of

    are free and much more readily available.

    One of their controllers will go to the appropriate blue light service control centre and coord the response

    IF an urgent mass evacuation was needed in a short period of time requiring good C4I, then you might see Wolfs streaming out of barracks (and then skidding because most of the military training is for sand....).

    Since the Volunteer 4x4 groups are always ready to go and Business Continuity plans are already in place, it will need to be a big cluster with all that failing before with Military Response comes along.

    One conundrum to be aware of is that MACA is about picking up the pieces, and as civil resilience preparations get better and better, potential problems in the future maybe incredibly complex for an already overstretched Military
  7. If memory serves me right, there are/were different levels of Military Aid ranging from Civil Authority (Councils) upto Civil Power (Government). ISTR that a unit could act on its own initiative only if there was an immediate threat to human life and there was insufficient time to go through normal staffing procedures, otherwise any support had to be authorised from further up the command chain.

    Providing sandbags to someone who has built their house/chicken run on a flood plain does not come into that category. That said, a unit I was on did provide some men & vehicles (at enormous expense to the local council) when the River Nene decided to invade parts of Peterborough. Of course, the fact that a lot of senior officers from MDHU lived in that particular part of Peterborough had nothing to do with the assistance being provided.

    Jim30 is quite right in what he says, but there are many, many people out there who believe (incorrectly) otherwise.
  8. MACA - Military Aid to Civil Authority

    MACP - Militayr Aid to Civil Power

    MACC - Military Aid to Civil ?

    I didn't think we did these anymore* on the grounds that we have been cut back to leaner than lean and just haven't got the spare manpower or equipment. Op Fresco, Bin men, Ambulance etc comes under these.

    *Except under dire emergency.
  9. MACC - Military Aid to the Civil Community. It's alive and well as evidenced by groups of us deploying a medical care facility in the centre of Cambridge, just before Christmas and at the New Year
  10. I can remember whilst with 22 AD in Kirton we helped out with the local meals on wheels ,think it was 95 or 96 , in the duty wagon so not sure whether it was a total legit plea of help or maybe ord offr ok'd it due to positive P.R. rather than the usual slating we all had in the press for rucking in local towns lol. Rules are there to be bent, official procedures however are there to be budgeted and met over!!!!!!!!
    I don't know one Rodney in the world that wouldn't quite happily come out with ....."Yah so I said to my chaps wouldn't it be a bloody good idea to help those wrvs women out in the snow, show a bit of team la la "
  11. Shows what you know then sunshine. Regular exercises in those Units that do provide capabilities for MACR
  12. What is MACR?

    And what do these exercises cover?
  13. there has been some pretty robust direction issued ref mac tasks this short we have to watch everything grind to a halt and can only intervene in life threatening situations...utter pish!