MAC problems....

Ok, my father's got a MAC and he's managed to delete a lot of his 'stuff'. I'm not a MAC man at all but I've managed to retrieve most of the files. However, I can't get his Mail / Mail Alias to work. Could he have deleted it? Using the search function I can only find shortcuts or broken links to it.... He managed to delete firefox which is what makes me think he might have deleted this program as well.

Can you just download it from some where?

Any and all help appreciated.

Assuming he has the normal mac install discs, all of the applications, including mail are on there. If you reinstall the OS, all should work again.

If he doesn't have the MAC install disks it will be a pain in the arrse as Apple gets really very heavy with non-official distribution of software. If your father has a local Apple store or authorised Apple dealer, get him to take the machine there and play dumb - the geeks normally want to help and its normally good value.
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