Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by blue-sophist, Sep 4, 2009.

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  1. For those with the sense to use a Mac instead of a MS-based PC ... :lol:

    I have just installed Snow Leopard. The process took about 50 minutes, the first 20 of which appeared to involve stripping out the previous Leopard software.

    No problems whatsoever - the only "issue" which arose at the end is that my Norton AV [belt and braces here!] is not fully compatible yet. Norton will be doing the necessary through LiveUpdate eventually.
  2. Any major bonuses? I got an email saying I could upgrade for 20£ but havent bothered yet
  3. You missed out a few words, but I have corrected that for you :wink:
  4. Lazy sod :wink: CLICKY
    I think it's worth the £20 it costs at Amazon [+ VAT in UK].

    @ Leveller - you have your opinion, of course. I have a large PC as well, but it's hardly ever used these days. The Mac is faster and easier and totally silent and take up minimal desk-space. And £££ is not an issue! :lol:
  5. Has nothing to do with money but sense yes
  6. I seems a lot faster than 10.5, although any software you have that uses JAVA might not be compatible - I'm unable to run a statistics programme because it relies on an older copy of JAVA (1.5) which isn't included in Snow Leopard (1.6 is).
  7. Leveller

    You obviously have not got a clue what you are talking about

    Go back to your ZX Spectrum

    "Once you go Mac there is no going back"
  8. Only just started using of course, but loading Google Earth only takes a couple of seconds instead of over 10 on 10.5.
  9. Guys

    Just to let you know if you bought a new mac/macbook on or after the 8 June 09. Your upgrade to Snow Leo will only cost you £7.95 inc P+P. I ordered mine last Fri and it arrived today.

    Its all on the apple website

  10. BTW - don't get spooked as I did.
    After about 20 minutes you get an automatic re-boot [after stripping out OS 10.5, i assume] before it starts the 10.6 install.
    And at the end it reboots again to the new OS, of course.

    Don't panic, it's OK - it's an Apple product, not Microsoft :wink:
  11. Has nothing to do with money but sense yes
  12. Yep we tried one recently, but CAD software available isnt too hot, so back to the PC.
  13. Wait for the Lynch Mob!

    Although to be fair it's not as expensive as people think. Especially when the hardware is first released, it's pretty much on par with other similar specced Window based PCs - and my Mac has just seen a significant speed boost (twice as fast in some cases) & freed up 10gigs of hard-drive space for an upgrade that cost less than 25 quid - not sure if Windows 7 (which is the equivalent of Snow Leopard) will offer upgraders as much value for money.

    And some mac products are actually cheeper - I paid just under £600 for the 24" LED Monitor, that basically acts as a docking station for my macbook. The cheapest LED monitor I could find at the time was about £1400.

    iWorks 09 is also far better than Microsoft Office (anybody whose tried the latest version will probably agree) yet it's around half the price.

    Sense - yes. Money - no :)
  14. oh lets stay off the Mac vs PC competition. there's 2 billion threads across the net doing the same thing.

    this is a thread for mac users. if you don't like macs, feck off this thread is of little use to you.

    as for my question - does it have any effect on pirate software... particularly APPLE pirate software?
  15. just installed it

    For a £20 upgrade its good value.... but buying awhole new system is probably not worth it IMHO

    If you've got Leopard, stick with it

    Snow Leopard is faster but thats about it IMHO