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I have tried for the last 8 years to run PCs with various versions of MS operating systems on the interweb thingy and have, without fail, had to totally reboot the system every 6 months as I tend to play in the outer reached of the interweb and i get hit by various virous types that Macafee etc recognise but cannot am not talking about www.goats*

We already have 2 EMacs and an IMac in the house that I look after but don't use.

So, those who have worked Mac and PC.....please comment. Should I go mac? I have looked very seriously at Linux and it does look attractive.

I take it that you have already read ?

Personally I would go down the XP route for every day use. I work in IT and do some of the same surfing
( the website you ref is now!!! -not that I go there :) )
Keep up-to-date with AV etc have a decent firewall, and if you go to strange areas run a spam blocker and anti spyware.

The concept of using firefox et al instead of ie is a good one as most nasty people tend to target M$h*t software.

Email is still the best way to get a virus, however the other stuff like trojans and adware will come from browsing.

Learning the use of Hijackthis is handy to spot the unpleasant stuff.

As regards Linux, the best thing to do is set up an old pc with a freeware version and see how you feel about it. A good 1st try is knoppix
which is about a 650Mb download and runs off a CD without interfering with your hard drive (also a v good diag tool) is a very good source for the Mac v PC v Linux v Opensource Software debate if you want to read further.

Hope that helps a bit
There is software available for those who want to turn Windows into a secure and stable OS.

Alternately, Mac OS X is secure and stable without having to faff around with new software, patches, upgrades etc.

I've not had any trouble with viruses, worms, spyware etc on this Mac in the two years I've owned it; before that, I had another Mac, and never had any trouble with that either (although that didn't run OS X).

Macs are very good for compatibility in terms of opening Windows documents; you need to be a little careful when saving files if you want them to be Windows-readable. But Microsoft Office is available for Macs, and a .doc file (or .xls, .ppt etc) created there is as readable by Windows as one created on Windows.

MIB - get back to the "Bench" only joking - best thing you could do try the new Sony PSP - just logged on now with mine - Bril - no problems with a Virus because the OS and Browser is toooooo new

Geek I know - oh lugs says ring me

all the best
maninblack said: am not talking about
That's disgusting beyond words.

As soon as the vinegar strokes were gone I switched it STRAIGHT off! :twisted:


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.....sorry, I typed a facetious webname without considering that someone would have actually registered and used it, but hey! that's the internet for you.

MiB (who has never found ungulates attractive except as part of a meal)
Take a look at these articles on

This Anand fella is an uber-geek of some sort. His views are fair and up-to-date (as of end 2004). .

A Month with a Mac: A Die-Hard PC User's Perspective

A Month with a Mac: The Mobile Experience

Other points to consider:

(1) Apples crash, too.
(2) The main thing which causes Apples to crash is Microsoft Office, which apparently is a bag of.
(3) Apple's switch to Intel chips means that OS X is probably coming to PCs as an alternative to Windows. Also, Windows Vista is coming and promises to be better. So you could just wait.
(4) Last time I used a Mac was in 1994, when the world was young and a decent Apple system cost £2,500 to a PC's £1,999. Now a pukka PC costs a grand and the equivalent Apple ... a bargain £2,499.
(5) The Apple iPod is still cool. Apple computers are, like all computers, uncool except when coolly interfacing with your iPod. Looking at magazines about the Mac was like a trip back to 1980s East Germany: buy this Apple software or that Apple hardware for your Apple.
(6) Games released on the PC often take about a year to come out on the Mac, if at all. But then games are a bit silly, really.

All this because I want to get a Mac Mini, which is a Mrs Evil-friendly way of getting mp3s and digital photo archives into the living room.
I had a big dilemma over this a while ago. Macs are undeniably cool but it really depends on what you want to get out of your machine. My biggest problem is that I'm a die hard gamer and to be honest macs have never been the worlds greatest gaming platforms.

It really does depend on what you going to do....linux pisses me off because I dont understand it and i cant get around the OS as easy as a PC ( It was running redhat).

to my chagrin I also had to wipe my HD a while back to to some unsavoury viruses, losing all my movies and music in the process.
So from now on I keep all my movies , music and entertainment on a 350GB removable HD, which if you have a USB 2.0 port installed is easily quck enough, although USB1.0 is a pain the the f*cking arrse.

Personall I'm going to stick with the PC and XP (which can be customised to vaguely resemble OSX anyway) primarily due to my gaming situation.

I'm not a great graphics person but I find the Mac ideal for that sort of thing and there are loads ++ of applications. I ran mine for about six months unaware that my virus thingy was not switched on (mt fault). Imagine running a pc like that

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