MAC or PC?

Discussion in 'Hardware - PCs, Consoles, Gadgets' started by roninxix, Apr 3, 2010.

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  1. I'm looking at getting a MACBOOK PRO. I know it's a lot of beer tokens but it seems the dogs nads. Having listened to a mate a work harp on it Macs am I making a good decision or not? Should I go for a high end Windows run laptop instead.

    Any advice is more than welcome before I shell out over a grand.
  2. macs are definately better
    you can even add windows xp to it, so have both operating systems
  3. I've just switched to a MacBook and can honestly say its pretty good.

    I've not crashed once, got a virus warning and after learning how to use the bloody thing (its similar but not the same to windows) i cant stop singing its praises.

    Although i did purchase Microsoft Office for it, just couldnt get use to the apple version.

    Mac gets my vote!
  4. Mac. It just works.
  5. brighton has the largest number of mac users per head of population outside the states.
    also has a high percentage of pretentious pratts concidence I think not :twisted:

    As they cost twice the price of similar perfromance PC's they must be worth it goatee poloneck wearers are gulliable but not that gulliable :twisted:
  6. Mac all they way mate, you wont look back. Im a convert to Macs and absolutely love them. Everything seems to just work, no messing with settings etc. everything seems to set itself up. Takes about a week to get used to it compared to windows but once you do you realise everything is a lot more logically laid out.
  7. Try Windows 7 if you haven't, before you jump ship.
  8. It depends on what you want out of your machine and whether it has to be a laptop.

    If you have to ask then you are probably best off plonking for a Mac, seeing as you've got the readies.

    But be warned : it is a long and expensive road with few stops to relieve the monotony, fraught with many a rabid fantwat and becoming less secure with the growing number of same.
  9. maguire

    maguire LE Book Reviewer

    for a grand = mac laptop

    or instead = decent gaming pc + good netbook.

    windows all the way. far more software choice and games aplenty.

    oh, and if macs 'just work' why do mac fix it forums exist?
  10. Indeed. 'They just work' was a always a relative statement, and it was more valid when Windows connectivity, drivers and compatibility were a series of hoofing cake and arse parties, but Microsoft have sharpened up their act a lot in that respect. Macs break down too, always have.
  11. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    Mac, not all its cracked up to be, I didn't really get it to be honest. It's just another computer, simpler to use, but with no software, kind of shit.
  12. About 5 years ago my Windows laptop died and I badly needed for work at home. I had a university affiliation with great discounts but they were out of stock for windows laptops and had plenty of Mac G5 powerbooks. I called my godson who is ultimate computer geek and he urged me to get a Mac. I love it! No problems, never had a virus, never locks up on me. Like someone said above, I got MS Office for Mac as I was used to that from Word 1.2 days. Also, lots of open source software is available for free!
  13. Another vote for mac, I switched about 3 yrs ago, I will not go back.
    One thing I have noticed is that every release of windows seems to be very similar to the previous release of OS X.

    Somethings do take some getting used to, you still get the odd issue with incompatibility, but the system as a whole works. One benefit I suppose from the fact that all the hardware & software are designed in the same place as opposed to thousands of hard/software developers trying to make it work together
  14. I asked this question quite a while ago (couple of years perhaps). Mrs I was after a MacBook and I, as a devoted PC man really wasn't sure. Lots of people told me not to worry, and that all would be well, so we got one.

    My opinion, FWIW, is simple. This "Mac, it just works", is complete and utter, total bolox!

    2 years down, I've still not been weaned from my PC's. Running a mixture of XP and now Windows 7.

    Don't get me wrong, the Mac is nicely designed, but ultimately, it's over priced and under specced for the money. You are definitely paying for form over function. Perhaps the most unforgivable issue is the difficulty in the machine talking to other computers. Great if you have other Macs, but the problems start when you want to start talking to PC's. Remember that most of the world runs on PC's. You might not think you want it at the moment, but you never quite know.

    I'm quite sure that a load of the Mac nazi's will come on and tell you how easy it is, but it isn't! Also I've found that things as simple as multi function printers, just don't seem to have the functionality on Mac nor the ease of use that they do on the PC. Good example, my Canon MP620 wireless printer/scanner. It works fine to my 3 PC's but simply will not work wirelessly to the Mac. I spent hours on the phone to Canon, eventually they admitted that it doesn't work very well with Mac OS X, and that frankly they wouldn't really be looking at it. I got the impression that they didn't think that they thought it was a good use of their time.

    Another issue I find is file interchangeability with PC's. Photo's, Videos, Music etc, you will need to buy software for these else the formats that the standard software uses tend to be Mac only. We find that it's never really an issue to take files from a PC to a Mac, but Mac don't want you taking things the other way.

    Don't get me wrong, there are things that I love about it. I'm using it now. As a web browser it's fine. It's multi gesture touch pad is just great, indeed, I prefer that aspect to my PC's. But for work, gaming, and general interoperability it's PC all the way I'm afraid.

    I do have to say, I'm not anti Mac at all. I have an Iphone and I really believe that it's the best thing since sliced bread, with one or two reservations (unavailability of Flash etc), and I have already said that I will certainly consider on of the new Ipads, as I could see that being quite useful for the web etc around the house and on the move, but would I by another MacBook? Nope. Even my wife really prefers the PC's now she'd had the Mac a while.
  15. Got to be honest, that's a very true statement. When we got our MacBook, it wouldn't hold onto a wireless connection for more than 10 minutes. The thing was only 2 days old, but you try getting the Helplines to admit there is anything wrong. It was always the router. It was only when I explained that I had 3 PC's all working fine to the router that they admitted something might be wrong. It went away for ages before it came back, They never admitted anything had been done to it, but it worked afterwards. Went again a month or so later. Same story. So they are not infallible at all. Fair to say that I've had less trouble than some of my PC's though. Parts are bloody expensive though.