Mac Mini or Asus eeePC Box... Any advice ?

Hi there... been looking at getting a desktop system I can leave "in country" when I go on leave... Ive got a netbook which is great for travelling and carrying but Ive got access to a proper size keyboard and LCD screen... Ive hankered for a small portable system for a while and seeing that Im only living in a small place I dont want it to take up too much room.

Both of these systems have reasonable processing power and memory storage so playing games shouldnt be that much of a problem - unless you lot out there can tell me otherwise.

Ive used MS and Windows for all my PC life so never really played on a Mac.. .but Ive heard that they are really reliable. Also I use MSN Live and Skype... can they be installed on a Mac with no OS conflict ? Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Cheers !
Computers in Library and Internet cafe at Uni have just been switched over to eeePC Box's great if all you after is a surf and turf style computer, if you seriously into your gaming or want to use it as a storage unit for many photos then don't bother obviously.

Whole Unit it about the size of a double VHS video box, all the slots and plug in bits are at the front for easy access.

Don't know if thats any help, I like them and would buy one for home

Thanks WW.... appreciate the reply... Im not a hard core gamer as such but I do like to play the odd shoot 'em up type game... COD type thing.... just concerned about software issues. I'll wait and see what anyone else says.. Id like to get some views from the Mac users amongst us..



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macs are for losers.
maguire said:

macs are for losers.
I wanted to say that but Mac users scare me, tell them their computer is crap and they unleash the rath of hell on you even though deep down they know your right and they only brought them because they wanted their computer to be a pretty colour
Just to let you know the Computers in Library are running Windows xp professional and Office 2007 and cope very well with loading and opening stuff

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