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Discussion in 'Hardware - PCs, Consoles, Gadgets' started by chrisg46, Aug 1, 2011.

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  1. chrisg46

    chrisg46 LE Book Reviewer

    I am starting to think vaguely about what to get the mrs for xmas (yes i know its August, but 7p's and all that..), and i am toying with the idea of getting her a mac laptop - she is quite the creative type and has always waxed about the things since she used them at college.

    Why the feck are they so expensive? what makes them so much better than normal PC's that are half the price?
  2. I have my popcorn at hand.

    But having taken the plunge to Mac from many years of Windoesn't I can only say it has been worth every penny. Plenty of software to meet everything from Office to photo/video management and editing. My gaming has been of the Civilization type stuff anyway so that has never been an issue as it is available for OSX.

    I concede that there are many people who love to fiddle with their OS and drivers, but there are far far more who just want to switch a lappy on and go. And MBPs do that oh so well.
  3. You may as well buy her an IPAD then....virtually the same as a mac.
  4. chrisg46

    chrisg46 LE Book Reviewer

    Well the ipad is an option, but she wants to do all the photo manipulation, musicy "stuff" that these artistic types want to do. Not so easy to do one handed!
  5. udipur

    udipur LE Book Reviewer

    Once you go Mac, you never go back.

    Built from the bottom up OS, as opposed to that shocking warts on pustules otherwise known as Windoze.

    Super design features throughout hard and software, wonderful community to help you through the waters (pm if you want more info) and, above all, deliciously virus resistant.

    They start up at the same speed as they did when you bought them, the apps work well and the Pro is the go to tool for the arty professionals. The Adobe Creative Suite is the mother of all apps collections.
  6. I bought a MacBook Pro last year, as I was sick of Windows machines that only seemed to last 18 month max. (failing power supplies, ever increasing boot times, flaky wireless cards etc etc). It was expensive - I paid £1500, and I know I could have got a very good spec Thinkpad or similar for less. However, 12 months on, the MacBook still boots quickly, is easy to use, has great battery life etc etc etc. I'm not sure the Windows box would be the same.
  7. msr

    msr LE

    Find a student and get their 16% discount. Then get office for the Mac off DII for £8.95

  8. I took the 'plunge' in June and purchased a 15" macbook Pro. I found it to be more than an aesthetically beutiful piece of crafted aluminium. The operating system is quite different to that of Windows and arguably more responsive. It boots up very quickly and the internal battery system delivers a decent return. I found it very easy to upgrade the memory from the standard 4mb to 8mb by taking the back off it and inserting 2x 4mb memory cards which can be done without invalidating the warranty. The same can be done with its hard-drive although the battery itself must be removed by Apple if the warranty is to be preserved.

    I have not totally abandoned windows 7. I purchased the 'Parallels' softwear which allowed me to separate the harddrive on the mac and migrate windows from my previous laptop. Using this system allows me to switch immediately from the Mac to the Windows system in an instant without having to reboot. It is also possible to utise within the Mac OS system some systems incorporated within windows without having to open the entire Windows programme. Thus, for example, some find that the Microsoft Office programme in Windows has rather more features to it than the Office system which has been designed for the Mac and available to purchase separately.

    It is, without doubt an expensive piece of kit but apart from the utility of owning a Mac, the customer service which Apple provides is second to none. It really is an impressive support system both from the point of view of understanding and getting to grips with the system itself, but with repairs and replacement of parts if things go wrong. If you purchase their three year warranty, they will collect the machine from your door take it away and return it to you free of charge. They have an online support service replete with video tutorials etc.

    There is an online 'app' store (Mac call their computer programmes, 'apps' or applications) which retail programmes rather more inexpensively than Microsoft. Once you get beyond the games, you will find that they have some remarkable programmes of great utility at home and at work.

    The three year warranty is actually a two year warranty. In other words, the machine itself has a statutory warranty of one year which, because of an EU Directive, applies to all consumer goods within the Union. Together with the Mac warranty for a further two years which can be purchased with the machine at the point of sale or at any time thereafter makes up their three year warranty.

    Clearly, laptops, rather like clothes, food and wine is a matter of subjective evaluation and I can only describe how it works for me but you get what you pay for. I have four or five laptops purchased over the years which I still keep but the Macbook pro is, at least for me, probably one of the best purchases I have made.
  9. Macs are good, the down side is the price of and difficulty of doing things that would be simple on a PC. I used to have a MacBook, I wanted to attach it to my TV so I could watch films on the big screen. On my old Windows Laptop I just get a HDMI cable and that was that, on a Mac you have to buy a special cable which at the time retailed for about £45, needless to say I didn't bother.

    Things like downloading games can be an issue as well, as games ported to Mac seem to be more expensive than their Windows counterpart. If you go for Mac accessories like mice or wireless keyboards again expect to pay through the nose and having to pay for any of the major update to the OS unlie Windows where Service Packs are free to download.

    They however good for working with pictures, music and videos and similar type things.
  10. You have to also take into account that they have stopped selling MacBooks to the general public and are available to education customers only (and only if you know you can still ask for them!). They have been superceded by the MacBook Air range, which whilst being very, very funky pieces of technology are limited by hard drives sized as they are SSD based. if you are oafter a cheap second hand MacBook, there are several suppliers out there, but I suggest you keep an eye on this site here which has served me well in the past:Buy a Used Mac, Second Hand Mac, Cheap Mac or Refurbished Mac
  11. I agree with most of that besides the bold bits; non-Apple adapters (DVI to VGA or HDMI) can be acquired fairly cheaply and are just as good, and my laptop came with a DVI to VGA adapter anyway. OS updates are substantially cheaper for OS X than Windows; a quick look at PC World's website says about £179 for Windows 7 Ultimate, OS X Lion costs £21 from the App store and Snow Leopard was free for me.

    To anyone thinking of buying a Mac, compare the discounts offered; it might be worth your while finding a friendly student somewhere in your extended family/a pub/a club/passed out on a pavement at 0200hrs who gets an academic discount.
  12. Service updates are free for the OS on macs too. What is paid for is newer OSX, which not is comparable to Microsoft service packs but a total design change as it introduces newer features and hardware functions too, i.e. the way the slide pad operates and in the case of Lion, a new bus: Thunderbolt.
  13. if you know a student anywhere get them to buy one with the student discount for you!!!!! you'll save about 20% and get a free ipod!!!!! im using a macbook pro, its amazing but i still feel like nothing justifies the price, your missus sounds like shes gonna want photoshop and all the other adobe products too, you'll definitely benefit from a students help with the price there!!!
  14. Just got one for my 15yo daughter, mac book pro 17" or something with MS office 2010 and some other stuff. I got forces discount which was more than the student discount. Total cost was £2100. She gets it next week. I called Apple direct to make arrangements, very helpful staff, the chap I dealt with was an ex USMC.
  15. Grumblegrunt

    Grumblegrunt LE Book Reviewer

    it was just down to college politics and the software package.

    I saw it when my missus was there at 19 or so, big suite of networked pc's event he public could use and the mac suite for the design students. the way it was written and the restricted nature of the hardware helped speed things up and platform dedicated software was the biggest reason.

    now its all multiported so you can get any software and even macs use intel processors and hardware so its possible to mac up a pc or laptop.

    never seen the fuss myself.