mac computers v pcs

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by bluearmy, Feb 27, 2007.

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  1. I'm thinking of getting a mac are they better than a normal pc? And if so which one should i get.
  2. Stupid question!

    What car did you buy? - the difference is like saying what car should i buy?

    are you going fast or off road or do you have a large family......

    you need to tell me what you will use it for.

  3. yay! Another Pissing contest :D

    I am sure you posted this on purpose lol

  4. Ok fair one, internet, games on the internet, and the misses likes to copy and download films and music.
    I want a mac but the misses thinks a mac is not as good as a pc
  5. daz

    daz LE

    Looking at PORN what else?, in that case a Mac with the 30inch screen would be ideal, otherwise stick with a decent PC.
  6. And she's right.

    Mac's are for pretentious smug gits.

    Read this, it's all you need to know:

    Charlie Brooker

  7. Java and web based games? rather than World of War Craft and Battlefield 2?

    then get a mac- everything you described is easier on a mac and it was made for it.

    if you want to play Internet games such as WoW/BF2/Americas army - then get a PC.

  8. Not really, i normally play poker on line i like to play games like settlers and command and conquer type games.
    I have heard that a mac is not compatible with games and some other software. What about doing things like power point etc.
    You have probably realised i'm not good with computers :biggrin:
  9. Ignoring all specification and usability arguments, the biggest downside to the Mac is its smaller software base. Yes modern macs can emulate windows, but why would you do that instead of buying a PC instead? So, you mentioned online games, biggest thing is check there is a Mac version of the game you want to play

  10. Ok back up - go into PC world these days and you can buy most popular Real Time Stratergy games for Mac as well as microsoft office for mac - you can also download "open office" from for a full office suite for free.

    poker etc usually works on macs - 60% of septics use macs and online gaming started in the US of A - so macs are more than "just catered for"

    a MAC is simpler to use than a PC, it was designed for editing film and music and images.... and it will do all you asked for - if you buy one and think "feck - i really needed a PC for this one chuffing application" then you can buy "PC Emulators" that run virtual PC/Windows applications on a MAC.

  11. Cheers for the advice, i think i'll get a mac then i just need to convince the misses, she uses those bit torrent sites will she be able to on a mac?
  12. Yeah sure, you can play many games on the mac as well now. If you want to buy a mac you can check out whether there's a mac version of your favourite. But what if a new game/piece of software comes out that you want to play/use? You've got no way of knowing now whether next years software will have a mac version.

    But if you buy a PC you don't have to check because there is always always a PC version.

    I don't know whether the Apple operating system is better than the Microsoft one and I don't care. I don't buy a computer to play with the operating system. I buy it to run software. PCs can run more software.
  13. Yes - remember 60% of americans use Mac - there are torrent clients for macs available as well as for linux etc...

    best thing is to take your mrs to a mac shop or PC world for a look and a touch....

    I use a mac and a PC - and am experienced at repairing both. - its how i pay the mortgage.

  14. Why do Mac mice only have one button? It's like losing a limb. Try playing Unreal Tournament 3 with that. But then, it probably won't ever be released for the Fisher Price Mac.