MAC and EDL have a bad Armistice Day......

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by bobthedog, Nov 11, 2011.

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  1. What a shame, how sad, never mind.

    Let's hope the Police have administrative difficulties in feeding them, or freeing them...
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  2. Why not let the league go and defend the English in Afghanistan??!! Cheaper than us shooting them I would have thought?! Not to mention the savings in unnecessary benefit payments...
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  3. Well done plod. Well done all concerned in fact.

    About time though and may this be just beginning as, I feel, the Great British public need to have their confidence in the Authorities restored.
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  4. Brotherton Lad

    Brotherton Lad LE Reviewer

    I always thought the EDL were out of season football fans. You live and learn.
  5. Not sure how arresting people who have committed no crime restores the public's confidence in the authorities but hey ho, if you don't agree with them why not have them locked up. I hope somebody doesn't disagree with you some day and have you banged up.
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  6. They should have let them loose on the swampies first, then gone in with batons flying, two problems sorted for the price of one.....
  7. Racism is a crime; both groups are racist, so where were the innocent?
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  8. It's only a way of nipping trouble in the bud. like when football thugs had to report to the police station before a match only to spend so much time trying to report that when they did the match was over and everyone gone home.
  9. They can keep that pile of scum banged up, they don't represent mainstream views of society, and the day they chose to potentially breach the peace was definitely not appropriate. There are far better ways to remember those who have laid their lives down in order that we can have free speech in this country without picking fights with a few crusties at St Pauls.

    I hope they lose the keys! At least its an example of fair policing, they shared the love with MAC.
  10. Have we really got to the point where we arrest people for having racist thoughts?
  11. It strikes me as odd that the edl bods have not worked out that our grandfathers fought to keep the likes of them in check.

    Build a bonfire and shovel the edl and muslims against the crusades supporters onto it.

    Problem solved. Chuck benefit scroungers on at ten minute intervals to keep the flame burning strong.

    A bit harsh, but it would improve our country no end within a few weeks.
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  12. A march feels more like a deed than a thought, but you're the expert...
  13. I thought the Mi6 are recruiting MAC for their conquest of Libya.
  14. What was the name of that Tom Cruise film where the police arrested people for crimes they hadn't yet committed? How far fetched was that eh????