MA degree.............. worth it?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Officer Recruiting' started by HH_2, Dec 4, 2009.

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  1. Easy question: Is it worth doing an MA degree after a BA?

    I'm currently in the last year of my undergrad, due to go to RMAS in Sep 10 after I graduate but am currently considering applying to do an MA.

    Couple of motivating factors, employability post-Army and being slightly older (and hopefully more mature/experienced) on attending the CC.

    Drawbacks I can see include that it's bleeding expensive and incurs lots more debt, might not really be worth the investment.

    Anyone who's been through uni and subsequent employement have any suggestions as to the value of an MA when it comes to "employability"?

  2. My first thoughts would be to leave the MA and get onto the seniority ladder. An MA should be easy to pick up part-time later and if you get lucky you may be able to get it sponsored as of some use to something you are doing by then.
    This MA now will cost you fees plus your pay for the year minus whatever you can earn whilst doing it, and a part time MA can be a lot cheaper.
  3. Seconded, and I don't think the Army (if that is the vocation you have decided upon) are looking for people who are 'masters'. They are probably looking for intelligent, educated people with leadership skills to be officers (and, indeed, soldiers).
  4. And beyond the military, it's unlikely to have an impact on employability: some employers ask for degrees and some will specify particular further qualifications; not that many for higher degrees unless it's doctorate or a vocational requirement.

    But, wild guess from your avatar, it would be an impeccable excuse for another year's rowing. Just couch it in terms of love of your subject, not a cost/benefit thing.
  5. The Army runs its Modular Masters Programme for Officers in a range of fields. It takes account of career training such as RMAS, ET, ICSC etc and tailors the content accordingly and in an accessible manner. One of the courses, KCL's War in the Modern World MA, can be completed entirely online and at the convenience of the individual, making it ideal for the busy Major to complete.

  6. Oh, incidentally, the value of holding an MA is a difficult to confirm. However, competition for staff posts across the 3 services is not likely to ease and it stands to reason that having a masters qual on your ticket at SO2 level and beyond is not going to hurt you. I believe that competing well for employment tends to relate to subsequent performance on promotion boards.
    So, you certainly don't need an MA to join and are likely to be irrelvant to junior progression, they're relatively easy to obtain later in service and, in any case, they are not essential for progression.