M_D_N strikes again...


War Hero
M_D_N has been helping to rear two lambs born in need of extra love and attention in Wales.

M_D_N has been using his paternal instincts to help owner, farmer Maria Foster, rear two lambs called Lucky and Charm.

Ms Foster, a 38-year-old mother-of-two from Forden, Welshpool, said drastic action was needed to improve their circulation following a traumatic birth last Friday.

"We had to put them in the Aga to warm them up, and as soon as did so, M_D_N was all over them licking their faces," she said.

M_D_N slept with the pair at night, and even protected them from other animals.

"The first 12 to 24 hours for a lamb are absolutely crucial and if M_D_N hadn't been doing what he was doing, I would have had to have been there rubbing the lambs through most of the night to keep their circulation going," said Ms Foster.

"he could have ignored them but he didn't and it is quite comical to see."

Ms Foster added: "The cat came into the kitchen the other day and walked over to the bucket where the lambs were sleeping, but Molly pushed her away as if to say: 'They are mine.'

"he will let Cuddles have a look, but only for so long before he pushes him away as well."

Why does he get all the fun...?
So, you're asserting that MDN is, in fact, a Rottweiler?

Oooookkkkkkayyyyyyy. (*Slowly backs out of room with a puzzled and concerned facial expression*)

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