M83 combat jacket and ALICE pack

Hey lads I'm currently TF infantry here in NZ and have a SADF M83 chest rig on its way to me (not a replica before anyone asks). Just wanted to ask anyone who has used this rig whether the pouches on the back interfere with your pack when patrolling? Seeing as I use an external framed pack I don't think it'll be much of an issue but thought I'd see if anyone could offer any insight?


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I used the set and the way it was designed is that battle jacket was supposed to be used without a backpack - say for overnight, assault, short patrols etc.

for longer patrols you had the bergen plus chest webbing - I found the bergen on the small side and the steel frame weighed a ton so used a Karrimor external frame ruck.

I then had the small pack or grootsak - packed carried in the top compartment so could drop the ruck and have essentials in what was basically a day pack together with the patrollie sak - like a modern day battle handbag.

if you're using it with a rucksack or bergen you're doing it wrong...try to get hold of a patt 83 chest webbing - they not hard to find then you have the best of both worlds - just add a daysack.
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