Gents I am not a gunner but watched a prog on The Discovery Channel on 'The Artillery Gun'.
A well made programe following the technology of artillary from earliest Wooden Barrel Guns, up to the object of the program the M777 155 mm Field Gun.
The gun is shown operated by RA and the authors where all for this new 'Wonder Weapon'.
Is it now in service or was I just watching a 'Sales Program' ?
Is that the ULH that was "coming into service" about the time I left in 99 ??
They've been testing it down at Larkhill over the summer, looks a bit flimsy if you ask me...
Have been involved in this, it is bl00dy good, though some hard work points in it!
Heard a story it was air portable but not parachute delpoyable as it was envisoned that it would only ever be heli slung or TALO'ed into theatre

however the delay in adopting was a demand that it could be shoved out a herc at x-thousand feet

True ? Bollox ?
The Ultralightweight Field Howitzer (UFH), designated M777A1 in the USA, was selected in 1997 by a joint US Army / Marine Corps initiative to replace the existing inventory of M198 155mm towed howitzers. The US Marine Corps is to procure 380 systems and the US Army 273 systems.
In December 2005, the first four of six M777 systems were supplied by the USMC to the Canadian Army, under a Foreign Military Sales (FMS) contract.

It is being used anger by the Canadians in the STAN right about now
M777 is being trialled by the Purvis Lines lot as one of 2 contenders (the other being CEASAR) to fill the LIMAWS(G) requirement.

The latest iteration of the SRD has all references to being able to be lifted removed; along with all the RO-RO requirements, tranfer to LCU etc etc. It seems to me that the entire raison-d'etre of the M777 is being removed, probably to keep CAESAR in the fight, so M777 costs will come down accordingly.

However, the USMC are already recieving production run units, so I can't imagine the prospect of selling a mere 24 guns to the Brits is all that exciting to BAE.

So, if we remove all the 'light force' requirements from the programme, is there any point in buying M777 or CAESAR at all - perhaps we should just get all our FH70s back from whichever luckless nation got them off us!

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