M62 Hartshead Moor Service Station Bombing

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by Drop_Short, Jul 24, 2008.

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  1. I have been asked to help track down some of the relatives of those killed in the Hartshead Moor bombing of 1974:

    You can find out more about the bombing here from the BBC.

    If anyone has any ideas on where I can direct Mo, pse respond or pm me. If we get no contacts, Mo will go to the meeting and keep me informed should we need to ensure that the memorial is not relegated to an unbecoming area.


    (I will also post this on the Infantry and Signals pages, who also lost soldiers in the bombing.)
  2. I can't help in finding any relatives, but I do have to ask, why do they want to move the plaque? I can understand that there may be good and not so good reasons and was interested in which it was.
  3. I am afraid that I do not know why. As you rightly point out, there may be very good reasons why it needs to be moved - I do hope that they are honourable!

    If not I am sure that we can generate enough interest to ensure that the Manager has a re-think!
  4. For the R Sigs you are probably best getting in touch with HQ SOinC at Blandford.

    Get that googled and you should come up with some phone numbers and email addresses.

    Godd luck
  5. The Fusiliers were 2RRF, maybe try them? They are currently at Cavalry Bks, Hounslow.

    This all sounds a bit odd to me. I'd have thought that the manager of the service area would need to contact others, rather than family members, to move the memorial plaque.
  6. Many thanks for the help thus far, I am afraid that Mo has already tried these avenues and I thought that there might just be some old and bold who may know of the families....
  7. Most likely would be that they are refurbishing the place, rebuilding it even, or making some other alterations that impact on where the plaque is.

    At least they are relocating it not removing it.
  8. I can suggest two other routes .

    1. Try the local branch of The Royal British Legion who could very well be concerned and will have a local presence.

    2. Contact "The War Memorials Trust". http://www.warmemorials.org This is a charity which has the aim of protectign and preserving our war memorials. M62 plaque is a war memorial and these chaps shouldhave a supportive interest in ensuring that the plaque is preserved approriately. They have been supported and funded by English Heritage who have a statutory responsibility for our heritage, including war memorials.
  9. PT,

    Great ideas, I will gladly pass them to Mo. On her behalf, many thanks,

  10. Quick update:

    Mo has been to the Service Station and has had a promising meeting, with the Welcome Break agreeing to move the plaque and considering making a "Remebrance Garden", which they will kindly fund!

    Mo has made contact with some of the families (Michael Waugh, Clifford Houghton, Mrs Haughton and Len Godden) who are very supportive, but wishes to try and engage with all of the families to ensure that they all support the move. She has made fresh contact with the British Legion and the War Memorials Trust and I will pursue the various Regimental Associations.

    Should you wish to see Mo's excellent interview, which also gives some background, the links is here
    I will keep everyone informed of progress.

  11. Glad to hear that the reasons for the requested move are so appropriate.

    I knew some of those killed, Cliff Houghton was a section commander in my company and 'Paddy' McShane was a Regimental Medic who was in the same company.

    Paddy was a Dubliner, I imagine that tracing his surviving family members might not be easy.

    Please keep us informed. If the proposed plan for a rededication does go ahead, I'd like to attend if possible.
  12. I have to agree, and say any fears that the memorial plaque were to be moved for anything other than honourable reasons seem to be without grounds. Also well done to Welcome Break for the offer to fund the memorial garden.

    Hope the search is successful.
  13. I attended the very moving service of dedication today and would like to publically thank all those involved in the ceremony, but especially Mo Morton who was the driving force behind the new memorial, whose brother Terrence was one of the victims of the bombing. Despite the cold weather and couple of inches of snow on the ground the turnout was fantastic - the clip below does not really do it justice! From the numerous standards to the huge array of head-dress worn by the veterans, it was a very fitting tribute to those who so tragically lost their lives on that day 35 years ago.

    I would also like to eat some humble pie! Far from Welcome Break moving the memorial to an unbecoming area, the memorial now sits in pride of place in front of the entrance to the service station. In addition, they laid on refreshments after the ceremony for all of the by now frozen crowd of 500! In today’s fraught financial times, it was a mighty fine gesture.

    I am sure that Mo may herself post something on this site to properly thank those involved, but I should also mention the other official sponsors: “Life for Life” Memorial Forests whose oak will now provide a living tribute to their loss; Marshalls for the landscaping; the Royal British Legion; and the Oldham Liaison of Ex-Services Associations.

    BBC Clip
  14. From my heartt I can say I thank Life for a Life, Oldham Association for Ex servicemen, Marshalls for donating that magimficent piece of Yorkshire Stone, Welcome Break and the British Legion. I want to thank all those who gave up their time so generiously thank you akk so much you have been fantastic, Love you forever. Mo, Terence Griffin 's Sister xxx