M60s....whats that all about?

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by DavetheApe, Jun 9, 2008.

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  1. Right, my handlebar moustachio'd chums, and other Airborne Gods, I have a question for thee.

    Why, oh why, oh why am I seeing M60's used on helicopters these days - they seem to have sprouted on Chinooks quite a lot?

    Bone question I'm sure, but I'm curious. As one who has experienced the orgasmic delights of a well-balanced Jimpy with everlasting belts of 4-bit, why would they replace Belgium's finest with that piece of Septic $hite?
  2. I think Belguims finest is Stella Artois
  3. Buy an M60, comes with free Chinook ( non-garaged variety. )
  4. You ever see 'Slider' using a Gimpy in action?

    It could well be that, rather than go through all the palaver of R&D for a Gimpy mount for the Chinook, CrabAir bought a batch of M60 mounts, as used by our colonial brethren in their cabs.

    Yes mate, we know.
  5. Not to steal any thunder from the other thread mentioned by dave987

    M60's were part of the CH47 package when they were purchased, keeping them meant that clearance to fly for GPMG (L7 or L112 ARD Air Role Derivative) didnt have to be looked into (and paid for :roll: )

    M60 is rubbish in this context, the version used is the M60D and has spade grips, an aircraft ring-type sight and an 'improved' ammunition feed system.
    The upshot of all this is it cant be used in the light role if required and the mounts only accept a 200rnd box.

    The L112 ARD has roughly the same gas system as the L37 (for all you tinned veg and armoured farmers) so it supplies a fixed amount of gas to operate the weapon - no balancing and a higher rate of fire but requires regular inspection of the gun body to watch for loose rivets

    Luckily the Chinook can fly with M134 Dillon Aero Miniguns fitted on the left or right side (both sides simultanious are possible, but generally its an M60 on the back ramp and an M60 on the opposite side to the minigun)

    The better option would be to retro fit ARD compatable mounts and train RAF doorsliders to clean and be responsible for their air to ground weapons and have to shoot GPMG APWT and GPMG APWT (AIR)

    ( :x 7 rounds fired in a contact, followed by a stoppage due to the gun being minging (L112 ARD!!!) nice one puma farce :x )
  6. I think it's to do with the cyclic fire rate, IIRC The M60 is slower than the GPMG so there is no need for barrel changes.
  7. Agreed the M60 has a slower cyclic rate (550 rpm) however the GPMG is only 650 - 800 rpm

    Changing barrels is all about achieving Sustained Fire without trashing the barrel though excess heat (400rnd's then barrel change -leave until cool enough to handle)

    With the increased airflow inherent with aircraft mounted weapons and the comparitively small ammunition supply
    (Merlin and Puma - L112 - 200rnds) (Lynx - L112 - 400rnds) (Chinook - M60D - 200rnds)
    Barrel changes are not required mid flight, and if sustained firing is required, the gun is usually swapped one for one at a FARP depending on the task in hand. (AAC wise)
  8. Surely the main consideration is 'What looks cooler in the photos'

    Gimpy all day long..... M60 is septic and looks noncey, nothing to do with rates of fire, barrel changes FARPs orSustained fire...... its about your photo album :D

  9. MDN

    See above

    So rubbish in fact the spams have relaced them with the M240 series

    (licenced FN MAG - AKA GPMG!!!!)

    Was speaking to a Septic in Icrack on the range, oh so proud of his shiney new M240B
    then proceded to rain on his parade by telling him him we'd had em since the 50's and 60's 8)
  10. Just because something is rubbish doesn't mean it can't be cool and vice versa.

    THe lynx is rubbish - but I can't think of a cooler looking cab (Mk 7 only :D)

    By default Flash should therefore by default be cool....... only Norris from Ritas shop in corrie cuts about in a cooler fashion, dresses better and drives a nicer motor.
  11. that's when it starts - and thats a rarity nowadays as he's never in work! :wink:
  12. My learned friends... thanks for the responses. Been away from the pooter so unable to respond sooner.

    Sounds like it's a real POS.

  13. How the fuck would you know?

    You are so absent from work, we need to get MCM to post you in onto JPA each time you turn up.

    You have more time off than Douglas Baders daps.
  14. Fcuk off you old cnut, you have more time off delivering or collecting your knackered old range rover than you do even wearing green kit, let alone doing any work!! In otherwords, more time off than a jubilee mug maker!! :D