M60 vs t62

Discussion in 'RAC' started by BIPOLAR77, Jun 30, 2012.

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  1. M60 everytime although I sometimes cut across the A580.
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  2. L107 105mm gun with a bit of tactics behind it everytime, ask the Israelis and the Syrians.
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  3. The 115mm smoothbore on T62 was a monster! T62 also had thicker armour than any other tank other than Chieftain. Shame about the ammo storage though. T62 was a better tank than many people realise.
  4. Except when travelling at speed,on icy roads (no track pads).

    Laugh a minute,believe me I've seen it a number of times!

    115mm might be a big gun,but without an efficient stabiliser,that's all it is,a big gun!

    Oh,and the engine burns nicely when hit,as the Egyptians found out in Sinai! ;-)
  5. T-62 was a bugger to drive though. Having said that, it was the only panzer I managed to bump start - off the back of a transporter with reverse selected.
  6. Are we talking about T-62 or T-64 here?

    If the former - it probably depends on the crew...

    If the latter - Cletus had better hope that Ivan is having an 'off' day!

  7. At least it could travel at speed! when did Chieftain ever travel at speed?
    efficient stabiliser? since when was firing on the move with Chieftain anything other than pot luck?
    How many times did Chieftain's power pack burn without needing to be hit by the enemy?
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  8. Yea. But it was great for keeping ur Herfy cool.
  9. It's neither here or there, countries that had yank and british made tanks of the post war years tended to train crews better.

    The Israelis scored more kills as they worked at it.
  10. Chieftain travelled at speed when on the back of an Antar or on railway flatbed :)

    Firing on the move and hitting the target with Chieftain may have been pot luck, perhps it just required a bit less of that than with other tanks of the time.

    L60 problem was more about not starting and/or keep going than anything else. It hardly had time to burn fuel let alone burn before it conked out :)
  11. Brainwashing in the gunnery class,Russian Tanks are crap,smoothbore crap blah blah,what´s the best gun now,Fin+Smoothbore !

    I bet a 115mm fin would have gone through Chieftain armour like a hot knife,just glad we never got any tank on tank action to find out,lots of Chieftain hulks in Iraq and Iran though.You could store more beer on a Chieftain(?) but I think a T-62 might have very difficult to hit moving,whether with steam,laser or computerised gunnery.
  12. Plus using mass swarm effect I bet the Russians has/had tens of thousands of them, compared to our type 58 Regts and a stiff upper lip
  13. Ask the Israelis,they took shitloads of T-62 out with Cents,in the 6 day war.

    My comment on a T-62 travelling at speed,might have been a bit overstated,20 KPH tops on roads,not much faster on tac routes,thats when they weren't stuck on the side,broken down,finding Sov kit on exercises,just follow the 'breakdowns',armour,and soft skinned,and to find a Sov Tank in winter,look for the smoke from the fires lit underneath them (yeah they still did that)!

    I always thought the Sov kit looked nice,but maintainence was shite,crews not allowed to work outside the set parameters (no initiative allowed),so it came down to numbers,in the end.

    East Germans,always used the stuff better.

    But having seen them operate,I was never that impressed. ;-)
  14. A lot of those knocked out T62's are now back in service with the Israelis as either gun tanks or APCs