M6 Toll road and works ticket

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by big_un, Oct 27, 2008.

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  1. Can anyone confirm that if you are in a white fleet vehicle with works ticket, that you can use the M6 Toll road for free, just by showing the works ticket at the toll booth.
  2. deffo not a problem, although last time the lady on the booth had a good look at the works ticket and ID card to make sure all was was kosher.

    However a few years back it was a different story when blue light Ambulances and Highways Agency patrols could not even get through without coughing up
  3. Yep, never had a problem. Just flashed the work ticket and Robert's your Fathers' brother!
  4. If not pay the toll and claim it back on JPA.
  5. I used it a few months ago and got through ok.
  6. You bar stewards. You just want him to get stung for the toll don't you
  7. Use it regulary, no probs , but dont turn up in a dodgy motor with a "made up " work ticket , cos they have a hit list and will bring you and your unit to book
  8. Been on the M6 Toll several times with no problem, just make sure you go to a booth with someone iin it and not one of the automated ones though
  9. I got stung for the toll in a police car with work ticket/log book.

    As I drove off, I looked in the rearview mirror and I swear the lady in the booth was mouthing "WAAAAAH"
  10. Not a problem on the M6 Toll. However, the M4 Seven Bridge.... FECKING TW@TS.

    And they charge you for going into Wales, how daft is that?
  11. Do they let you leave for free?
  12. aye. and I'm a taff saying that :roll:

    just get onto the M5 (or is it the M50...memory fails me at this point) and turn off at the junction for ross on wye. Follow that road and before long you'll hit signs for cardiff/the M4 on the other side of the bridge ;)